Essay on Effects Of Alcoholism On The Family Members Of Addicts

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Addiction is a chronic and relapsing disorder that can have devastating effects on physical, mental and emotional health of the addict and also has drastic effects on the family members of addicts. There are a wide variety of activities one can be addicted to including, drugs, gambling, sex, overeating and video games. For the purpose of this paper, addiction to drugs and alcohol will be examined and discussed. More specifically, the aspects that will be investigated are etiology, affects on the brain, treatment options and further research directions for this debilitating disorder. The etiology behind addiction and alcoholism is not completely understood, however there are definitely factors that influence it including genetics, environment and personality traits. There has been extensive research done that shows that alcoholism is very likely to be a genetic predisposition (Ducci & Goldman, 2008). They state that around 50% of the variability in etiology of alcoholism is related to genetics. More specifically, researchers Cami and Farre attest that men whose parents were alcoholics had an increased risk of alcoholism, even when raised by adoptive parents (2003). They also discuss specific alleles that predict alcoholism and nicotine dependence. Personality traits and certain mental disorders are also major contributing factors to the potential threat of addiction and alcoholism. Individuals who suffer from schizophrenia, biopolar disorder and ADHD have an increased risk…

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