Exploring The Language Of Stem Essay

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Exploring the Language of STEM,
Scientific Method and Algebra
Rashed Alhefeiti
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Intro to Mathematics and Engineering at an American university class is very significant, for it can help you to improve your mental abilities in mathematics and arithmetic. You studied mathematics in school but in different languages. In English, the symbols and methods are different than others. When I took the last lesson with Mr. Steven, I was surprised because I studied different things in my language. I found it easier in English because mathematics is very complicated in Arabic, and the rest of us know that. Many students like to take this class to know more information about their major before attending the university. When they take this class, they will be ready for the calculus class in the university and everything will be easier.
Scientific Method The Scientific method is an essential thing that you do before you publish your research. It contains six steps, and you have to follow the order of the steps. The question is the first step to do your scientific method. You have to be a good questioner and ask for everything that you think it is important in the research. The question can be a problem or something strange you want to know about. Second, the hypothesis is the other thing you do, and it can be a prediction. To test your hypothesis, you may do an experiment. The experiment is the most…

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