Essay on Straight Talk about Vaccination

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A vaccine is a substance that is usually injected into a person or animal to protect against disease (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Vaccines help to protect children from multiple diseases; these diseases range from the chicken pox to polio. Vaccines are essential to the control of disease and death. Vaccines help to prevent the diseases from becoming an epidemic throughout the world, by diminishing the amount of contagious diseases.
In the year 1900, the number one disease that cause death was Influenza also known as the Flu. In 1918, Influenza accounted for 5 percent of the deaths in the World(Kliff). Throughout the world Influenza took somewhere between thirty and one hundred fifty thousand lives, in the year of 1918. Now Influenza
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Finally, the disease seemed to be under control, until one immigrant that had not been vaccinated entered the country. The disease would spread like wildfire. All countries began to realize what was happening and decided to end the disease once and for all. The Smallpox vaccine now became mandatory throughout the entire world. Slowly, but surely the cases of Smallpox began to reduce. Until now, when the Smallpox vaccine is not even administer to children. Through successful vaccinating, the Smallpox disease has now been wiped off the face of the earth. (“Diseases and Vaccines”). Some may think that all diseases that are not in the United States are gone but we must learn from history and realize it is a worldwide operation that must be done.
Measles is one example of a disease that could very easily build up it’s popularity once again. Medical personnel are worried about the measles coming back to the United States. One can opt out of getting their children vaccinated for measles, exposing their children to the deadly disease. There are still very few cases of Measles in the United States and once introduced to a popular place such as a school, the disease can spread incredibly fast. There are “hotspots” in the United States in which a large number of parents are deciding not to vaccinate their children, this new trend can lead to loss of life. The young children can pass the disease on the elderly who have a weak immune system in that

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