The Mafia As A Corporation Essay

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The Mafia As A Corporation

Violence, blackmail and corruption as business terms, one would doubtfully consider them commonplace, but in the Mafia, nothing is. Looking at the history surrounding the Mafia, and the motivations apparent for its unconventional practices will lead one to realize that it is much more a union aimed at entrepreneurial success than the more common notion that it is simply a malicious group of amoral villains, anxious to wreak havoc. For decades the Italian-American Mafia has employed violent to achieve success in a capitalistic sense. “The Mafia has changed a great deal since the days of the peasant uprisings in sun-baked Sicily. It has found a place within its ranks for business-school graduates, and it has
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He protects both players in the transaction he oversees. Gambetta touches upon this by saying: “An entrepreneur who trades in secondhand horses or smuggled cigarettes may purchase the protection of a Mafiosi. Alternatively, the Mafiosi may deal in drugs or used cars, but this is not what makes him a Mafioso. What does make him a Mafioso is the fact that he is capable of protecting himself as well as others against cheats and competitors.” Opportunities were limited in Sicily for the Mafia; they needed to find ways to expand their business without losing the company of Italians, who understood best the functional benefits of the Mafia’s presence. With immigration rising, America provided the ideal environment for members of the Mafia to expand their arguably illegitimate business ventures.

The advent of the 20th century witnessed a significant influx of Italian immigrants into America, a movement largely caused by a common dream among these people – one of discovering wealth and prosperity in the United States. Members of the Sicilian Mafia had the same dream. A member of the Mafia in Sicily can only achieve so much. Sicily is an Island located off the Southwest of Italy, and it was very difficult for Mafioso to extend their sphere of business into the mainland of Italy. They saw the Unites States as an open door with endless possibilities. In America, still under the guise

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