How I Spent My Vacation Essay

  • I Am A Writer And My Life

    I’m a writer. I always have been. I have a notebook full of fictional stories I scribbled in kindergarten. I have journals upon journals that document my middle school, high school, and college experiences. I have binders of poems, letters I never sent, conversations I never had. Writing was and is my outlet. I always received good grades on my papers with little effort, and I was always the one stuck editing my older brothers’ papers late at night. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with writing

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  • How I Have Incorporated Technology into My Classroom in Order to Positively Impact My Students

         I have worked in rural schools that are mostly homogeneous. These schools have limited variances in cultural differences. The students align themselves with one culture and feel connected with each other. Students in villages can become unaware of other cultures of the world. This has made technology an important way to communicate cultural differences of the world to students in the classroom. I have used technology to connect my students with other students in order for them to learn about

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  • How I Became Literate Essay

    even a second. As a child there are countless memories I can recollect of learning to read and experiencing that same exact feeling. Many people have been influential in the process of my own literary advancement over the years. Only a few of those people stick out very vividly in my mind, Mrs.Kathy, Mrs.Shannon, and my grandfather Odom. Mrs.Kathy was one of the first individuals to introduce me to reading and it all started with bedtime stories. I can remember crawling into the tall hickory wood sleigh

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  • My Fitness Results and How I Can Improve Them Essay

    My Fitness Results and How I Can Improve Them Body Composition For my client the skinfold test which measures body fat percentage is an easy method of discovering correct body weight and composition. It is a useful test because the measurements taken are plugged into a formula to determine your percent body fat. A major advantage of this test is that it is readily available at most health clubs, sports clubs and hospitals. The only drawback is that results can vary

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  • Reflection Of How I Kept My Life

    Reflection of How I Kept My “A” in English Reflecting on this past semester I feel I have grown in several areas that needed improving and I have also learned many new techniques that were introduced to me. My goal for the class was to learn how to write an exceptionally good paper and learn techniques to help better organize my thoughts and ideas. I feel I was able to achieve that goal and take away concepts that will help me be more confident in future writing. Almost everything that we learned

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  • How to Plan a Family Vacation

    How to Plan a Family Vacation “A penny saved is a penny earned.” “A job worth doing is worth doing right.” We apply both of these sayings to the working world all of the time. Why not apply them to our vacationing world as well? Like most people, I look forward to a vacation, but planning it can become overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Planning a vacation should be fun and exciting. Vacationing is not always a priority to many families due to economic distress, but as little as

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  • My Summer Vacation Essay

         A few summers ago, my family and I took a vacation to Niagara Falls, Canada. We had planned this week long vacation for several months in advance. It had been arranged so that we could visit relatives who live in the area.      The morning we were to leave for our trip was very sunny so I woke up a few hours early from the light shining through my window. So, I used this extra time to finish packing my belongings that I had forgotten to pack the night before. We left around 9:30 on a warm

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  • Essay A Vacation I Had(Hawaii)

    A vacation I had Every summer, when high school examination are over, I always plan to go somewhere especially beaches, shores and coast are the best suit place for a summer. In the last years, me and my family planned to go a beach which is very well known as a beautiful heaven place ''the Hawaii''. Hawaii is a state that attracts tourists because of its history, geography, entertainment, and culture. It is well known for its volcanoes, beaches, and climate. For these reasons, tourism is the

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  • My Favourite Vacation Spot is St. Martin Essay

    I got dazzled once again by the beauty of St. Martin. St. Martin is undoubted a special place for vacation and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Among all the places I have visited, it is the most unique. If anybody asks me about a vacation spot, the first thing that comes up in my mind is St. Martin. This is not for it is in my country but for its explicit natural beauty, social environment and the facilities available there. Natural has its own world in St. Martin. The island

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  • Alice Walker 's How I Met My Husband

    The utilization of irony in any work of literature can elevate a seemingly simple pretense of a storyline into one with depth and profundity. In “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro, the situational irony present in both the main plot and the subplots increases the suspense that is already prevalent in the superficial aspect of the main scenario of the story. Alice Walker demonstrates the effect of irony in “Everyday Use” by evoking the internal thoughts and emotions of the mother in a narrative

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  • How I Would Improve My Study Design

    they ate and filled out their surveys, I would say un-objectively that most subjects seemed to show signs or make regards that I would indicate they enjoyed the “high-quality” meal more. For example, several subjects commented that the “low-quality” chicken was fatty tasting. Additionally, many enjoyed the organic broccoli more than the conventional broccoli. Additionally, in retrospect there were many ways that I could improve my study design. Firstly, my subject pool was inadequate to draw any

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  • I Will Be Using My Nephew As The Subject

    For this case study I will be using my nephew as the subject. J is 13 years old soon to be 14, living in the suburb area of Hilliard with his mother and sister. Even though they come from a lower socioeconomic status, my sister wanted them to attend a good school to be able to have some privileges and advantages that are hard to find in some rural schools. Therefore, she had to make some sacrifices in order to live in Hilliard and be able to provide quality education and stability for her children

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  • How I Changed My Life

    Looking back to my childhood I would say the person that positively impacted my life was my uncle. Growing up I was the most closest to my mother 's family side due to several reasons one being language issues since my dad 's family side speak different languages I have a hard time relating to them. Even if I do not get to see my uncle in daily basis every time he came to visit me, he tends to make me feel I was special person just for being myself. Even if he recently passed away due to murder

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  • How I Am My Life

    with a sign… Has this become my life? Who did I marry? I met him when I was seventeen what was I thinking? Who have I become? How I am going to fix this? She looked back and thought about couples who said they make their relationship work, couples who lived long years together, even after the spark had died, She had seen it plenty of times, her aunt and uncle had slept in different bedrooms for years. She thought to herself when I meet someone I will not to spend my life with someone who doesn’t

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  • How I Spent My Life For Ten Years

    Growing up two blocks away from my local community college, it never occurred to me that one day I would attend that college, or any college really. It was expected that I would graduate high school and then immediately get a job. Coming from extreme poverty and parents who had very little formal education that was the best advice they could give me. To them, having a high school was like having a golden ticket. I was told by everyone around me that money and being able to support myself are the

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  • What I Have My Time?

    An issue I 've seen people, myself included, struggle from in school is how to manage their time wisely. It’s a task that can be handled well if motivation is in their system. If it is not, well, that 's an issue. However, it is easier to struggle with time management in school and still pass than it is in karate. With each test I take, I know in my mind that I do not want to stand before the judges and have them watch me struggle. An easy way to prove that I have spent my time well is by making

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  • My Amazing Summer Vacation Essay

    “What did you do this summer?” our teacher grinned, as he announced the topic of our first essay this year. Everyone around me groaned in disappointment, but I raised my head, smirked, and realized, for the first time, my summer was extraordinary. As part of a deal my dad made, with my mom, for forgetting her birthday, we spent our summer in Rome. Every emotion was heightened, from getting off the plane to stepping into the taxi; this was the first time our family had stepped on European soil. After

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  • How Money Spent On Prescription Drugs

    There has been a lot of talk recently in the news about how money spent on prescription drugs has increased 3% in 2013, which results to about $329.2 billion. Those are astonishing numbers, now if you take that number and you divide it by how many people live in the US, that works out to be about $1,000 per person spent on prescription drugs. Since doctors hold the key in prescribing drugs, some doctors are prescribing certain drugs that pharmaceutical companies are requesting them to prescribe even

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  • my favorite summer vacation getaways Essay

    Have you ever been on a vacation outside of the United States? Vacations can be very enjoyable, fun, and memorable. There are many different vacation destinations that attract visitors and tourists today. Two of my favorite vacations were during the summer months following my completion of fifth and sixth grade. When I was in fifth grade, our family vacationed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We went to Wildwood Crest, New Jersey the following year after I completed sixth grade. These

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  • How I Changed My Life

    As far as I could recall I have always been a person who loves to help other individuals. I remember being in the 2nd grade and most of the times I would finish my classwork earlier than most of my casemates. And, I would usually ask my classmates if they needed help with their work. Equally important, during recess I enjoyed playing sports whether it is basketball or soccer. Not to mention , I would often stay after school to play basketball with my schoolmates. furthermore, I also enjoyed playing

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  • My Summer Vacation in Europe Essay

    My summer vacation to Europe Europe has always fascinated and attracted me, but I never thought that it would be anywhere close to what it seemed to me by the way of reading books and watching documentaries on the subject. You know how whenever an event you anticipate becomes a reality; it never lives up to your expectations? So, when my friend suggested that we go to Europe on a summer vacation, I was prepared to be a little disappointed, even though I was really excited about the trip. But, it

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  • Negative Behaviors That I Practice And How It Significantly Affects My Overall Health

    many negative behaviors that I practice and how it significantly affects my overall health. I would describe myself as healthy, I am five feet eleven inches, one hundred and sixty pounds in a slim frame. Until six months ago I ran four miles on a treadmill four times a week, and on occasion, elected to walk the three miles to and from work. I currently work in the emergency room; I average four thousand steps per shift which is tracked by an app on my cell phone. My position in the emergency room

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  • My Experience With The Four I

    My experience with the four I’s has been this, I know how to keep my goals in focus and purse them no matter what curve ball is thrown at me. Throughout the challenges while growing up, I never missed a beat academically or personally. Last summer, I lost my best friend on the first day of summer school, the day Physic 's I began. I did not drop the class, I finished Physic 's I and II last summer with a 4.0. There was a hole in my heart and unbearable sadness each day, but I was successful because

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  • How I Changed My Life

    challenges in my life was to lose weight. I was 215 pounds and hated the way I looked and it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I finally decided to make a change. My greatest fear was that I’d be obese my entire life. So, for the first time I decided to take up cross-country my senior year. Stepping out of my comfort zone always made me a bit nervous and exercising was no exception. On the morning of the first practice I woke up feeling nauseous. I knew that today was the day I would change

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  • How I Arrived At The Decision

    start I would like to explain how I arrived at the decision to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Last year I graduated from Midway College with my Associates of Science in Nursing (ADN) degree. Afterwards I begin my nursing career at Saint Joseph East Hospital on the Telemetry floor and was told that I would have five years to obtain my BSN. I had always planned to go back to college and obtain my BSN, but I decided to take a year off from school to focus on building my nursing

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  • My Italian Vacation Essay example

    My Italian Vacation It was a long climb, probably the longest climb I have ever attempted, When I reached the top I felt that I would collapse any minute. My legs were numb, my clothes were all wet out of sweat and I was completely breathless. Even though I felt completely exhausted, the climb was well worth it. What I saw up there was a memorable and probably the most spectacular view I have ever seen. The wind blew at its strongest at the very top, pigeons were all over the place, and the Sun

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  • I Am A My Heart

    Ba-dum. My heart raced as I stood in front of my eighth grade Teen Leadership class to present a simple one-minute speech about myself. I wiped my sweaty palms on my khaki pants and tried to remember the speech that I had practiced in front of the mirror a thousand times. The entire class stared at my trembling hands, and l wanted to curl into a ball and cry. I could feel my whole face turn blazing red and my mind went blank. Twenty seconds in, and I had barely uttered my name. Where was my courage

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  • I Remembered When I Got At My School

    I remembered when I looked at my schedule in August and I saw this class, I was nervous because I’m not that good at writing or expressing my ideas on papers. My grammars are really bad too. I thought that I would have a lot of trouble with this class, because I had some bad experience in my English class from high school. But when I met Lauren, she was a lot different than what I thought. She was nice, friendly, and I can tell from the first class that she’s a fun and understandable person. The

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  • How I Changed My Life

    you my background and how I grew up. I was raised by a strong, independent women; I call Mom or as everyone else would call her, Donna. I grew up in a very big and loving family. I have one older sister Briana; growing up we didn 't get along because of our huge age gap; we are 10 years apart. When I was little I never considered myself as a fatherless little girl, I had my Grandfather and a family friend, Marc, who I considered my father figures; and I am so beyond thankful and blessed that I am

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  • How I Changed My Life

    I was engaged once in my life. My girlfriend desire to get married was so extent that she bought the engagement ring. I was very immature handling relationships, and that usually left me with a heap of misfortunes. I did not care for her, and I took the relationship as a sport. I was unfaithful to her many times over. When I finally had enough courage to leave her for another girl, I did. At first she did not know the full extend to why I had left her. She continually made attempts to win me back

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Time I Spent With Mrs. '

    Analysis: The time I spent with Mrs. Blows I noticed that her teaching philosophy is based on the “whole child”. Mrs. Plows supports the idea of the continuous growth through an enriched curriculum. To do so Mrs. Plows sets up her classroom environment in a way to allow her students to be comfortable and ready to learn. To further support, the students growth Mrs. Plows likes family involvement which relates to the ecological approach strategy written in the chart provided. She takes what the children

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  • I Will Demonstrate to My Speech Class to How Take Out and Put in Contact Lenses

    Michel Fiction Paper 2/11/13 ENG 113 "More than meets the eye". Most are fimliar with the saying, but what does it mean? It means you have to search beyond what you see, there is a deeper meaning behind a story. This is the essence of sybmlism. I will be analizing the sybolism in the short story Hills like White Elephants. The story by Ernest Hemingway is about a couple who are disussing a abortion procedure, but it is not made so obviuos to the reader. As a result the author uses symbolism

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  • How I Changed My Life

    When I was young I used to live in a poor neighborhood in Arizona. I lived in a one room house until my sister was born, and then we expanded to two rooms. We did have running water and electricity, but no heat. After my mom and dad divorced, my mom, sister, and I moved in with my grandparents in Groton Long Point. For me and my sister this was a big switch. We went from living in a two room house to a house that could sleep thirteen comfortably. Changes like this in my life have made me realize

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  • I Am A My Dream

    respond that I am a reserved and intelligent young lady. Although those two adjectives suit me well, I am more than those members’ perception. In corporation to being reserved and intelligent, I embody an ambitious persona that surpasses many of my peers. With that being said, I have always been the girl with big aspirations that exceed the limits of the sky, despite the adversities I have encountered during my upbringing. Instead of dreaming about a fantasy, I make my dreams a reality as I am constantly

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  • My, My Sister And I Are Smiling Posing For A Picture

    One Last Goodbye My sister and I are smiling posing for a picture, well at least my sister is, while I on the other hand am sticking my tongue out looking who knows where. I don’t remember much about this day, but how much can you really expect a 4 year olds brain to retain? I do remember us being closer than ever though, she was like my best friend…actually she was my best friend. We were meeting up the last time before our adoptions were finalized. In the background is our social worker, he worked

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  • The Effect Of Implicit Personality Theory On My Life At Work And How I Can Change My Mind

    “I’ve already determined who you are. It’s your job to change my mind.” A mindset like the one just mentioned can be a serious detriment to interpersonal communications. In order to have a healthy mental life, it is important to exercise proper communications with other people. According to, one of the causes of depression is poor relationships (Smith, M., Saisan, J., & Segal, J. 2014). Also, states, “People who have satisfying relationships have been shown to be happier

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  • My Theory Of Writing And How I Believe It Has Impacted My Writing Skills

    I am writing you a letter to tell about my theory of writing and how I believe it has impacted my writing skills throughout my college education. Before I was enrolled in your English class, an Introduction to Writing Studies, I was unsure of my ability as a writer. I mentioned throughout my childhood I did not have a stable home environment, my family was forced to move, numerous times due to financial reasons. During these years I constantly changed school systems, the curriculum varied depending

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  • I Love The Dirt : How Little Girls Should Act And Shaped My Story

    I use to love the dirt. The mud, the bugs, getting my clothes and hands dirty. Everyday after elementary school, my younger brother and I use to run to our backyard and dig up dirt piles then make mud pies or mud castles. I absolutely loved the dirt, until middle school. Middle school changed my outlook on how little girls should act and dress.It shaped my story of feminity and womanhood. Once I turned 13, I watched more television and read more teen magazines. I was open more to the media and

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  • How I Am My Hard Work And Dedication

    heart that was taking over my 63 inch and 125 pound physical frame. As I stared down the 90 foot runway to the less than 8-inch obstacle that I had to conquer, the intense clap of the crowd echoed in anticipation of what I would do. They were aware of the back injury that had sidelined me for a season. There were doubters, including myself, initially after the injury. I took a deep breath to manage the adrenaline. I began to sprint down the runway faster than ever before. I hit the board cleanly and

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  • How I Changed My Life

    When I was younger, my parents wished for me to be the definition of perfection; Unfortunately for them, I was and am anything but. Thankfully I was graced with parents that accepted me for me. However, they would always try to better me in any way. Throughout my life I have been pushed into academic activities, which frequently concludes with me forging a strong hatred or interest in the subject; there were no gray areas in my mind. English was odd, though; I was not able to determine whether I

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  • I Am On The Road For My Future

    think that I am on the road to my future. Everything I have done so far has lead up to this one moment. All of the extra work I do, all of the extra hours spent studying, all the lost hours of sleep, it’s all for this one moment. This one moment is when I go from a high school graduate, to a college student. This moment is so exciting, and unnerving all at the same time. You probably don’t want to hear about how happy I am to be done with high school, what you want to read about is all my experiences

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  • My Dream Vacation Essay

    My Dream Vacation! By: Chase P Loosli B5 I have wanted to go for a vacation for very long. The country for my dream vacation is Australia. Australia is a part of the continent, Oceania. It is a big country with many attractions. I am going to share with you, in this essay, what attracts me such that I want to go to Australia, There are many physical factors in Australia. One of them is deserts. I would like to go to a desert in Australia as there are many plants and animals at the

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  • How I Changed My Life

    into my life, I’ve uncovered many roles that I have carried out to mold me into the person I am today. From my childhood, I was first introduced to fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of a daughter, sister and soon later, establishing a stable, meaningful self. As I reflect on myself, I begin to review my steps as a caring daughter, exemplary sister and as a selfless individual. Reminiscing as a high school senior, beginning to enter the realms of the adult life of responsibilities, I grasp

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  • How I Developed My Interests

    child, I would always wonder that why out of a large number of people who get sick, some get cured permanently while others remain diseased until ultimately engulfed by it. Whenever I was given those bitter polio drops my little brain would ask a multitude of questions, the answer to which remained undisclosed for a decade. I would always see that person on the way to market with hundreds of “PHORAS” on his body. Some will say he is cursed and some say it’s because of his misdeeds until I came to

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  • How I lost My Hand´s Mobility Essay

    two ingredients that made the recipe for disaster this particular day. It would be a day I would remember for the rest of my life. I now know that I should be aware of all of my actions and the consequences that follow… It was about 6:00 at nightin the afternoon when my best friend, Chase, and I decided to go play a little soccer at the John Tyler Soccer Fields. Let me tell you a little something about my partner-in-crime, Chase. Chase was a devious 12 –year-old just like me. We got into all

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  • How Do I Spent Long Summer Vacation Essay

    about the language. But can you actually build something in it? You’ll hear that argument from some who’ve never taken (or passed) the programmer’s exam. Obviously, they don’t understand how darn difficult the programmer’s exam actually is, but nonetheless there is something to the claim that, “just because you know how the compiler and VM work does not mean you can develop software.” The Developer exam, which is unique in the IT exam world, lets you answer that question (most often posed by a prospective

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  • How I Have My Life

    I have been writing my whole life. Although I had rocky beginnings, my writings have been steadily improving. I know even now i am not a very good writer, but I am doing as much as I can to strengthen this skill. Throughout this Word 103 class I have learned a lot about writing and have grown in many ways. But my main focus of this paper will be of how I have grown in Rhetorical knowledge and I will analyze my writing process. Throughout this trimester I have written essays of different genres, I

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  • Childhood Memories of Time Spent With My Dog Essay

    life-changing experience, and I would never forget it. Everything fun begun from the first time we met, the year of our friendship building up, until something fairly poignant happened. It was a tragedy, and all I could think of was how much his heart was aching. I wanted him to know that he was a trustworthy, unique, caring, intelligent, and a loyal companion. However, he never got to know in time. The day we met started from when I got home from school. I decided to go biking in my compound, since it was

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  • I Spent Working On The Quilts

    For my volunteering experience, I spent about an hour and a half of time at my internship over the course of a few months making quilts for kids in need. Although the time that I spent working on the quilts was just a small piece of time out of my day, it felt very rewarding to help a little bit at a time, knowing that I was contributing to a bigger cause of women who are in need. The process of making the quilts involved cutting the fabric pieces, tying the knots to keep the strips together, then

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  • How I Changed My Life

    Throughout my life I have had issues with being antisocial but not in the most obvious way. In the way where I could converse with and befriend others, my issues was i tend to be antisocial when it comes to friendship and being in groups of friends. I always find myslef to be strayed away. To this day I still can not comprehend why. It is highly reasonableto say i endure complications when it comes to feeling included. This is mostly due to my anxiety. Growing up i was overly self-conscious. Over

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