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Museum Essay

  • Visit Museum Of Natural History

    For my gallery report assignment I decided to visit The Museum of Natural History. I chose to go to this museum because it was my first time visiting and I thought it would be interesting to visit this. My first thoughts about the museum was that it had a fascinating display of exhibits ranging from animals, dinosaur fossils, and modern science. When I entered the Hall of Ancient Life there was a life-size cast of dinosaurs all over the gallery, including a 40 foot long skeleton of an Acrocanthosaurus

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  • Essay Museums

    MUSEUMS: THEIR ROLES AND IMPORTANCE In this section of our presentation we will discuss the roles and importance of museums in relation to art and the society in general. Museums were an early form of public education intended to enlighten the general population. The creation of the Public Museum was an expression of the 18th century enlightenment which generated enthusiasm for equality of opportunity in learning. According to the declaration made in the Copenhagen 10th General Assembly of the International

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  • The Differrent Types of Museums Essay

    Museum defines as an institution housing collections of objects of artistic, historic, or scientific interest conserved and displayed for the educational and enjoyment of the public. Museums are places of memory that provides the link of distant past to the present generation which also help the society to know the path their forebears trod. The main purpose of museum is neither to educate nor entertain but rather creates a memory bank would remind us of the past. No wonder most societies in different

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  • The African American Firefighter Museum

    The African American museum is the only African American firefighter museum in the whole United States. The name of the museum challenged me to write about this unique site .I was wondering what this site will be about. Why specially the African Americans as firefighters. I decided to search more about the African American museum. The African American firefighter museum is located in Los Angeles County in California. This museum was built in the place fire station 30, where the some firefighters

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  • History and Museum – Instilling National Identity and Multiculturalism by display of History in Museum

    Museum is a place of presenting and preserving history of a country or a place with educational implication. Museums, as stated by Brown and Davis-Brown (1998, p. 19), “help to preserve a collective national memory and thence to constitute a collective national identity”. The way of displaying war photos and different exhibits may have functions of raising national identity and present multiculturalism to audience. This essay will be discussed about how nationalization and multiculturalism presents

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  • The Museum Of Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Art is a contemporary art museum in Cleveland Ohio on Euclid Avenue. It was founded in 1968 by Nina Castelli Sundell and Marjorie Talalay, who started the small for-profit gallery in a former dry-cleaning store on Euclid Ave. The gallery has moved several times since then, before finally finding its way back to a location near its original one on Euclid Ave in 2012. The new building is a thirty four thousand square foot, four story tall building made of black stainless

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  • The Los Angeles Museum Of The Holocaust

    The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, (LAMOTH), is a two-fold mission that has publicly received its expatiators free of charge, welcoming the community since 1961 by a group of Survivors who found one another,shared their experiences and contributed their artifacts for public display. Its commemoration and artifacts displays the Jewish culture above all, to commemorate the history of its people and their journey through their suffering and rise to today. The museum focuses on honoring those

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  • The Museum of Fine Arts: Madonna and Child with Souls in Purgatory

    The Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH) in Houston, Texas is a world-renowned institution on 10 acres of land in the Museum District of Houston. Located just minutes from Downtown Houston, it houses permanent collections, traveling exhibits, two art schools, and boasts a sculpture garden and lunch café. The art is housed in two buildings, museum quality on their own. The Caroline Weiss Law building was designed by famed architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The other, designed by award-winning architect

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  • Should Art Museums Be Democratized?

    The art museum is a place that collects and preserves very valuable and profound pieces of art created by some of the most influential artists of all time. Not everyone can understand the emotions and profound ideas that are expressed in old works of art. Only a fraction of all people can really appreciate a fine work of art and understand its true meaning. Many people that go to the art museum do not belong. They do not hold the higher level of education needed to look at a painting and see its

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  • The Phoenix Art Museum Essay examples

    Thanks to my art class I have a great opportunity to visit one of the biggest museums that I ever seen in my life, that was Phoenix Art Museum located in the downtown of the Phoenix metropolis. The artwork that inspired me, and I have carefully studied for this assignment was very interesting art piece completed by Jacopo Del Casentino’s who named this art piece Madonna and Child. For instance, Jacopo Del Casentino painted this work using tempera on poplar panel. According to the scholars and historians

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  • Coleman Art Museum Essay

    COLEMAN ART MUSEUM The problem: The problem with Coleman Art Museum is the inability to produce any revenue from the past three years as well as the company had gone into their financial reserves in order to cover costs from losses. Company overview: The Coleman Art Museum (CAM) is a nonprofit corporation located in Universal City, which is a large metropolitan area in the western United States. CAM was founded in 1925, it was originally named Fannel county Museum of Fine Arts. But in 2000

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  • I Am At The David Owsley Museum

    When I was at the David Owsley Museum I was looking at art pieces that had more of a realistic feel. This piece caught my attention and then I listened to the audio and I really enjoyed the two pieces of art being placed together. There were three things that caught my attention with the music and then I noticed that things we discussed in art connected directly to the ideas from music. The first thing that was intriguing to me was the tone color. Next, the dynamic was interesting and related to

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  • How Will The Museum Affect The Environment?

    minds. In Spain there is such a place, it is called The Atlantic Museum. A place where one could experience viewing a connection between nature and art under the ocean. This seems too good to be true, the only concerning question is if it 's a good idea to have an underwater museum. There is a high possibility that it could harm the marine life and the surrounding coastal ecosystem. Some question to be asked are; how will the museum affects the environment? Dose the environment benefits from it? What

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  • Essay on Art Critique- Denver Museum

    Art Museum Critique- Denver A few weekends ago I decided that out of all of the museums and galleries I could choose to visit I really wanted to go to the Denver Art Museum. I wanted to go there because of a few different reasons. One of the reasons is that my husband and I live very close to the neighborhood so we could walk and enjoy the weather and gorgeous scenery that Denver has to offer. Another reason being that my best girlfriend, Lindsey, lives nearby and she could tag along with us

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  • Graphic Advocacy Exhibit At The Art Museum

    As I walked into Graphic Advocacy exhibit at the art museum in the George Hurst Building a staff worker politely greeted me. This encounter automatically made me feel welcomed to the exhibit. The room was very open and the layout of the furniture was very basic. There was tons of walking room and only five benches spread out for people to sit on. This was done to make people feel free as soon as they walk into the exhibit. The furniture and flooring was also plain to make people focus on the

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  • The Museum And The Site

    you can gain a deeper understanding of what has occurred. The museum and the site itself give a person a window into the Antebellum time period and what happened to the people that lived in it. Another significant aspect of Mission San Jose is that it allows you to understand the general attitude towards non-Europeans, or in this case, Native American’s at the time. Despite being converted to Christianity, it’s clear that the racism towards non-Europeans was still present towards Native Americans

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  • The University Of Pennsylvania Museum

    The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is one of the oldest and larges university museums in the country. The Museum has dedicated many years to expeditions through nearly every continent, and obtaining a sizeable collection with approximately one million artifacts. With this great collection, Penn Museum’s mission statement is simple: “The Penn Museum transforms understanding of the human experience.” To support their mission statement this institution has put into

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  • Darwin And Dinosaurs Exhibit At Mosh Museum

    Darwin and Dinosaurs exhibit at MOSH Museum The visit to MOSH on Saturday was my first time going to the museum. I was surprised by the size of the building and how many exhibits and artifacts they were able to show inside. The Darwin and Dinosaurs exhibit was really cool. It was neat to see and read about Darwin and other scientists of the time while being by displays of massive dinosaurs. I learned many new things about Darwin 's life and the evolution of organisms at the exhibit, and had a fun

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  • St Petersburg 's Museum Of Fine Arts

    For my adventure in culture project I decided to go to St Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts. I had never been to this museum before and honestly I was not really sure what to expect. My first impression of the building walking up to it is that it looked marvelous and looked like what any classic museum would look like. It has great pillars and is modern yet it exudes a more elder and traditional style. It made me feel enthusiastic and welcome to come in and see what enthralling and compelling artifacts

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  • New Revenue Streams for the National Maritime Museum Essay

    The National Maritime Museum mission statement is “to illustrate for everyone the importance of sea, ships, time and stars and their relationship with people”. Swan (2012), explained in her presentation that “this is the largest maritime museum in the world which attracted 2.45 million visitors in 2010 /2011 and 709.000 visitors just at the National Maritime Museum alone”. Museum is the place for learning, education and socialisation. Sources that contribute to museums’ earned revenue include

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  • Museum Collection Hum 205 Essay

    Axia College University of Phoenix WORLD CULTURE AND THE ARTS (AXIA) HUM/205 Jaynelle Nixon January 27, 2008 Museum Collection 2 Classical and Hellenistic Greece One of the most well known piece of this time, is the statue called Ludovisi Gaul killing himself and his wife, also known as The Galatian Suicide. The original was made by Greek sculptors commissioned by Attalus I after his victories over the Gauls of Galatia. This is a statue of A man about to drive a

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  • Essay about Museum Trip

    The museum is a place where antique things and art are preserved for the public to be seen, a place where rare things of past and present are kept, a place where you can see a collection of rare things and things of historical interest. Those who want to have a look into the past visit the museum. I was planning to visit this museum long before this assignment but I never had the chance to fulfil it. Last Sunday I took my family and visited the American History Museum, and the Aerospace Museum in

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  • How Material Objects Of Life And Art Museums

    Recently our class lectures, discussions, and readings have focused on the significance of material objects in life and in museums. We explored this topic in depth when we each created a personal “shoebox” exhibit, meant to accurately illustrate who we are. As soon as I began thinking about what objects constitute me, I felt overwhelmed. What could I possibly fit into one small shoebox that sums up all of me? I ended up putting tons of small items in my box, like an acorn to show how much I love

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  • The Midwestern Comtemporary Art Museum Essay

    Case Analysis Summary of Facts and Circumstances The Midwestern:: Contemporary Art (MCA) Museum is one of the nation’s largest facilities devoted to modern art, opening its doors to Great Lakes in 1967. The MCA bought its first building, a three story townhouse, in 1977. In January of 1989, the MCA board hired Keith Schmidt as executive director. In April of 1989, a man with the name of Peter Smith began his chairmanship at MCA, after already being on the board since 1981. Peter Smith and Keith

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  • The Museum Of Art And Music Venues

    respect, the city is thriving with art galleries and live music venues. I chose to tour the Blanton Museum of Art, a renowned museum that is right in the heart of the great Texas capitol. The museum is currently hosting an exhibit created by an Austin local, Natalie Frank. I enjoy promoting local artistry and craft, so I was enthused to view her exhibit, Natalie Frank: The Brothers Grimm. The museum itself is welcoming and bright. The skylights and windows found throughout The Blanton breathe life

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  • Essay on Holocaust Museum

    Holocaust Museum My Mom, my cousin and I all went to the Holocaust Museum in Richmond. Upon arriving at the museum the outside of the building looked a little scary, because all the windows had boards and locks on them. As we went in the building we went to the information desk and this older man told us that the museum was built by survivors of Holocaust that ended up living in Richmond many years later. He then told us to go into the video room and watch the video and then come back and

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  • Essay on Museum: Impressionism and Artist

    to the Cummer Museum for my visit. This is where I went for my museum visit for Humanities I and I liked it so much I wanted to go back again. I was interested to see any of the new art that has been added to its collection since my last visit. Also the museum just had its 50th anniversary and had an exhibit of art that was purchased for its anniversary. I was also interested in the traveling exhibit they had set up which was Impressionism and Post Impressionism from the High Museum of Art. Here is

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  • The Museum : A Great Education Tool Of World War I

    Museum are a great way to preserve items and history for the future generations to learn and gain knowledge of the past. Similarly, on my visit with the honor’s class to the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial at Kansas City, I gained a good knowledge about World War 1. The overall message that the museum convey about Great War is to experience, remember and appreciate the soldiers, men and women who served in World War 1. There were so many visual images all around the Museum that gave a better

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  • Museum of Fine Arts Essay

    Derain’s Turning Road and Benton’s Haystack After visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston for the first time, I observed many interesting works of art representing various time periods. Of all the paintings that I saw last week, two landscaped pieces seemed to stick out in my mind; Andre Derain’s The Turning Road and Thomas Hart Benton’s Haystack. Though these two art works are similar in subject matter, they clearly reflect the different styles and time periods of their artists; the abstract

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  • Museum Essay

    Dianne Ventura Professor Dunn Hum: 1025 John and Mable Ringling Museum As we drove up to the entrance of the John and Mable Ringling Museum, I was taken back for a moment. How could I have lived here in Tampa for seventeen years and never visit this place? I walked in and saw the grounds; this place was huge, well kept and full of history. My first stop was a stroll through Marble rose garden, it was beautiful , over one thousand-two hundred roses are planted in the garden the beautiful marble

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  • Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

    Asian Art Museum in San Francisco During the first week of September, I made a trip with a friend to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Every first Sunday of the month, admission into the museum is free. It is my first time to visit there and I was most impressed with the huge number of Buddhas on display. Most of the pieces are in excellent condition. It is amazing 600-year-old pottery and all these stone statues of Buddha that looks like it was made yesterday. What really brings this

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  • The Canadian Museum Of Science And Technology

    computer industry through later computer inventions such as the EDVAC and several others. As a result, the ENIAC’s roles in military conquests and further applications provides it with a rich historical significance for its time period. The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology should portray the ENIAC as an exhibition due to its involvement throughout human history and the effect it has had on the technological revolution that surrounds society. One of its first initial uses for The ENIAC was

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  • Art, State History, And The Museum Of Indianapolis

    Museums are known for showcasing any type of history whether its art, state history, or even dark historical museums are helpful in relearning or even revisiting history. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis recently received a new exhibit called the, Terra Cotta Warriors, which exhibits actual terra cotta warriors found that were sealed in order to protect China’s first emperor in his afterlife. The emperor had thousands upon thousands built in order to ensure he would be safe after his passing

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  • The Phoenix Art Museum: The Impact of Art Essay

    As an avid supporter of the arts, immediately I was drawn to the Phoenix Art Museum as my choice for a building of cultural interest in Arizona. However, my main reason for choosing this location is that it has introduced me to new ideas, concepts, and works of art, which in turn have sparked creativity and imagination within me. For instance, upon stepping inside this sleek and modern building, one is met with a massive round light display in the lobby, which is both intriguing and beautiful to

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  • Health Care Museum Coaching Document Essay

    Health Care Museum Judy Morgan Health Care Delivery in the U.S. - HCS235 09/03/2013 Elaina Mahlan, Facilitator Health Care Museum This proposal for the new health care hall of fame exhibits will discuss the history, impact developments, and how these exhibits relate to each other in the health care system. Exhibit A: Home Health Care Historic timeline of (VNA) Visiting nursing association, is not a replacement for all hospital care, but has become an important setting for delivering preventive

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  • Essay on The Guggenheim Museum

    The Guggenheim Museum I first visited the Guggenheim Museum two weeks ago with Claus, my friend from Germany. We had the MOMA in mind but I guess talking, talking we must have passed it by. Half an hour from the MOMA we found ourselves in front of the Guggenheim, the astonishing white building that was Frank Lloyd Wright's last project. Why not? We said to ourselves. And so we walked right in. According to the pamphlet: "The Guggenheim Museum is an embodiment of Wright's attempts to

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  • Essay Museum Visit

    I had the pleasure of visiting The Miami Art Museum and was very impressed by what I encountered and viewed. I have never found interest in art until I got to see the museum. Throughout my exploration at the Miami Art Museum I was able to view a wide selection of art. In this venture, I viewed the most beautiful artwork I had ever seen, observed interesting non European/North American art, was alarmed by the most disturbing works , explored a breath taking exhibition, and actually found work that

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  • Physics Museum Of The Oklahoma State University Art Museum

    Stillwater, Oklahoma, recently opened the Oklahoma State University Art Museum. This museum has had various exhibitions since it’s opening, including the James Rosenquist Exhibition. One of the most talked about pieces of the exhibition is Geometry of Fire. Geometry of Fire is an oil painting on canvas that measures 128 inches by 300 inches. The painting itself takes up a whole wall in the museum, which forces the view to stand at the opposite wall of the room if they would like to see the whole

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  • Otago Museum

    | OTAGO MUSEUM | Comprehensive Balance Scorecard | | | | Hoi Yan Cheng 9552508 Yu Liu 9552762 BBUS 425 Advanced Management Accounting Instructor: Tony Bell Thompson Rivers University Date: Feb 1st, 2011 MEMORANDUM DATE: January 30, 2011 TO: Shimrath Paul, CEO of OTAGO MUSEUM FROM: Chris Farry, CFO of OTAGO MUSEUM ------------------------------------------------- RE: Analysis of Comprehensive Balance Scorecard for Otago Museum It is a great pleasure to have

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  • The Function Of The Museum

    Displaying the artwork appropriately is also of utmost importance when planning a museum. The order in which pieces are displayed affects the flow of the visitor’s experience. Appropriate height for each piece requires consideration. Additionally, the ambiance and size of the room also hold specific requirements in a museum setting. The Louvre established standards in all of the above mentioned areas. When designing the Met, architects took these aspects into consideration in attempts to build

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  • Analysis Of The David Owsley Museum Of Art


5 October 2015

 Audience Analysis of the David Owsley Museum of Art The David Owsley Museum of Art is located in the Fine Arts Building on the campus of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. From sculpture to watercolor, to ancient African tribal masks and mid-century modern American furniture, its eclectic collection includes various works of art from around the world (“About the Museum,” 2015). The central mission of the museum is the cultivation of “lifelong learning and recreation

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  • Healthcare Museum

     Health Care Museum Vanessa Garcia HCS/235 01-21-2014 Sandra Huppenbauer Healthcare has been and will always be a growing industry from new vaccines to new diseases. We would like to create a non-profit organization and open a Health Care Hall of Fame Museum. In this museum we will have various exhibits that have changed healthcare. I will give you a brief description of five that play a huge role in public health today

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  • Art Museum Steps For The City Of Philadelphia

    Art is something that has kept the city of Philadelphia such a huge tourist attraction. Besides the art museum steps that rocky runs up, and the fact that the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were signed in the city, art from Philadelphia has had a huge impact on the art world. Graffiti, any writing or drawing that has been scratched or painted onto a wall or surface, usually in a public place, has been a large and long part of the art culture part of the art world in Philadelphia

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  • Essay about Norton Museum

    When taking a trip to the Norton Museum of Art I chose a one dimensioned painting called Adam that was located on the first floor. The artist is Nicholas Carone and was painted in 1956. To the left of the painting, Adam, was another painting named Personage which was painted by Robert Mothewell in 1943. Personage is an abstract oil painting on canvas with multiple different colors. To the right of Adam was a sculpture called Sea Quarry and was created by Theodore Roszak. The sculpture was not an

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  • Minneapolis Institute Of Arts Museum

    Minneapolis Institute of Arts Museum Visit Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a fine art museum that has at least 3 000 different works of art from different parts of the world. The museum started in 1883, initially; it was, identified as Minneapolis Institute of Arts before changing to its current name. MIA is, situated on an eight acres piece of land at Whitter in Minnesota on a campus. The museum is government funded institute and does not charge an entrance fee for patrons. Researchers and scholars

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  • Visiting The Worcester Art Museum

    Visiting the Worcester Art Museum, I was drawn in by the piece Static Variations: Blue x2. The art museum was having a series on her, and had several of her works up, but this one stood out most of all. Static Variations: Blue x2 (fig. 1) is a highly political piece about the Civil Rights Movement. In order to interpret it one must understand the life of the artist, Terri Priest, and the Civil Rights Movement itself. Terri Priest was born in 1928, in Worcester Massachusetts. She spent her entire

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  • The African American Firefighter Museum

    1. The African American museum is the only African American firefighter museum in the whole United States. The name of the museum challenged me to write about this unique site .I was wondering what the history of this archeological site is. Why specially the African Americans as firefighters. I decided to search more about the African American museum; so that I can briefly get an overview about the history of this place. The African American firefighter museum is located in Los Angeles County in

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  • Report on Chicago Art Museum Greek Classics Essay

    Cl 100 Art Museum Reflection Introduction As a class assignment, I recently went to the Art Institute of Chicago last Friday. In hindsight, this was a little late to be going, but I found the trip to be enriching nonetheless. I browsed over several sections, like the Indian and Native American, but I spent most of my time in the Ancient Mediterranean area, chiefly the section displaying ancient Greek art. My task was to find several different items, each representing an aspect of Greek civilization

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  • Cultural Event Report - the Philadelphia Art Museum Essay

    to provide an overview about my experience attending the Philadelphia Art Museum on March 15, 2013. The museum is Located in Philadelphia, PA and the exhibition that caught my attention was Journeys to New Worlds it explores the artistic exchanges between Spain and Portugal and their colonies in the Americas and Asia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. (The Philadelphia Museum of Art, p. Philadelphia Art Museum). A journey to New Worlds originates The exhibition is magnificent and two

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  • The Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Public Library, And The Phoenix Art Museum

    The Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Public Library, and the Phoenix Art Museum have key characteristics that represent the landscape as well as their functionality. It can be said that the design of these buildings are similar and at the same time completely different in the way that they represent the landscape. The Instrument museum was designed by Rich Varda, an award-winning architect. The construction began on February 2008 and the museum opened its doors in April 2010. The Phoenix Public

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