My Future Career Essay

  • My Views On My Future Classrooms

    profusely knowledgeable members of society. The philosophy that will encompass my future classrooms is one that not only adheres to the importance of academics but also to the importance of understanding how student 's learn so that the best practices, environment, and opportunities for growth can be identified and put into action. My teaching style focuses on the many different ways children learn, and how I can best adjust my teaching style to match the learning styles and interests of any class I will

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  • My Career As A Teacher

    this semester played out into those real life situations. I observed things such as the use of assessments, what motivates students, learning and teaching styles and classroom development and management. Each of these things will help me to build my career as a teacher. Field Experience Site: Engineering For Kids (EFK) The field I chose to observe was a summer camp for students grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. In this camp they taught the students what it means to be an engineer. Each day they

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  • My Future Career Plan Is Become Politician

    My future career plan is become politician. At first this career substantially influence on earth system. In politician department, I would like to choose green political system, because I had interest about environment and environment organizations since I was young, also there are lots of interesting issue about lousy environment news. For example Volkswagen made “clean diesel car” product and they sold 1100, 0000 diesel cars, and Volkswagen emphasize cheap fuel economically and environmentally

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  • My Speech On My Career Plans

    really unsure of my career plans. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my major, of even if I wanted to continue pursuing an Education degree. However, this semester, I have enjoyed being in Teaching Reading, where I was able to fulfill a practicum in the local elementary school. In this practicum, I’ve been able to observe the classroom, the students, and the teacher. I have come away with much more knowledge in the field of education. This semester has not only confirmed my love for teaching

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  • The Way I See My Future Career in Journalism Essay

    THE WAY I SEE MY FUTURE CAREER IN JOURNALISM I have many loves in life, photography, music and writing, but eventually my love dries out. They say your career should be a pursuit that you never grow tired of, that your interest is so deep in you can never soak up too much knowledge of the subject. I have found for me, that love is journalism. When journalism is chosen as a career, society tends to have a stereotypical image of a group of photographers chasing celebrities. If

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  • My Personal Statement On My Career Family Tree

    For my Career Family Tree, I chose to interview my cousin Elise, my father Will, and my Grandmother Elizabeth. All of them have different careers and are leading very different lives from each other. I felt that this would give me a unique and different perspective on choosing what I want to do with my life. Elise is 24, and a teacher of a fourth grade class for two years. What made me interview Elise, is the fact that just last week she returned from a two year trip in Guatemala. She has spent

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  • My Career Path That I Chose

    At my work I am trying to promote from within. I motivate myself to be successful in the career path that I chose. I always want to be the best that I can be and have always had a drive and passion for business and my career. Not only do I motivate myself, in addition, I receive motivation from my bosses, family, and professors with their words of encouragement and always there to mentor me along with being there when help is needed. Our book defines motivation as “the psychological forces that determine

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  • The Geography Of My Future Career

    The geography of my future career was the most surprising petal to identify with, as I have never even considered living anywhere but Mesa, Arizona. Having so much I am unhappy with here, I’ve always figured a new job, a better job would make me happy. How would that change the miserable summers of extreme heat that I loathe so much? My love for Colorado is immense, and after reading this book and creating this petal I have concluded that Boulder, Colorado will fill my geography petal. Their annual

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  • My Career As A Medical Doctor

    My Career as a Medical Doctor Saving and helping lives is a huge task and responsibility which I want to have. I want to become a doctor so I can help people with maintaining their health. I imagine being a Family Physician is going to be stressful, because there is a lot of work and pressure. Even though there is a lot of work, I want to help people with their treatment options and overall health. It pleases me to see someone up and going. As a doctor, I can identify early stages of a certain disease

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  • My Chosen Career As An Actor

    than one profession in your lifetime. These ideas seemed very flawed to me, and from thereon began my journey to defy the impossible. That was the time period when I realised that I wanted a career in which I could be able to experience various types of professions. A career in which I will be able to become different types of people and be able to portray their emotions myself. Thus, my chosen career is to become an actor. I have always been fascinated to live a life created by a story. Moreover,

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  • My Future Career As A Nurse Practitioner

    essential for delivery of high quality, safe patient care. The failure to communicate usually result in harm .My role as a nurse practitioner will involve caring for patients from different ethnicity, some of them will have language barrier and others might be illiterates. It is important to explore communication in- depth and get a better understanding, and be able to apply this to my future career as a nurse practitioner. Aim The aim of the concept analysis is to gain a better understanding of communication

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  • My Life My Goal Is A Person And My Future

    My entire life my goal has been to become an ER doctor. I absolutely love to learn especially when it comes to science or music and I have many extracurricular activities that help keep me occupied. I plan on attending an elite four year university and then completing my time at medical school. I want to participate in this program for many reasons that all will benefit me as a person and my future. Throughout my life my family and I have endured many obstacles and challenges that we did not let

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  • My Career As A Nurse Practitioner

    My first career interest is to be a Nurse Practitioner started at a very young age when I wanted to take care of my parents when they were ill. I would always tell my parents I will take good care of them as they get older. Let alone, I enjoyed helping and taking care of people. In my spare time I would volunteer at local nursing home to visit the elderly patients and interact with them. Visiting the patients in a nursing brings lots of joy and happiness to me. With that being said, life has taking

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  • My Future Career Goals And Requirements For A High School History Teacher

    For my future career, I have decided to research the job tasks, pay scale, and requirements for a high school history teacher. I chose this particular career for a number of reasons. History is one of my passions and I knew that I desired to work in a field that pertains to them. I also feel that going into education could entail positive changes for both myself and the current system. Finally, one of my advanced placement teachers in high school motivated me to follow this career path. As a child

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  • My Career Essay example

    My Career I do not know that anyone chooses a career in life. It seems that fate or certain outside forces influences the decisions you make in life. These forces change your life from one career to the next until you end up in your retirement years looking back on your life thinking of the “what ifs." I guess I have to open the topic of my paper “My Career” with me in my teens because my life has turned direction several times since then. Originally I had my heart set on a football career

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  • My First Day Of My High School Career

    5:30 am when morning August 2008. It was the first day of my high school career at one of the privet schools in Saudi Arabia that my uncle was the head-of. I was excited because my best friend Mishari joined the same school. As though, I knew it would be a tougher year studying with him, but it does not matter today. What mattered was that my brothers and I got ready for school. I walked to the school, which was roughly 15 minutes from home. My teachers were smiling to their students all the time and

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  • My Career As An Army Soldier

    require medication indefinitely. I was disappointed, but decided that I would, instead, pursue a career in digital media, a passion of mine. As an incoming freshman, I was assigned to take introductory art classes that I disliked immensely. The three hours I spent drawing a piece of fruit and molding unique sculptures out of clay made me realize that this was not a career that I wanted to be spend the rest of my life in. Not to mention, it is hard to land a job fresh out of college because the demand for

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  • My Career At The Department Of Corrections

    When I first started my career at The Department of Corrections (CDCR) in Chino, California, I had no idea that my decision to become a Correctional Officer would be one of the worst career choices of my life. One day, in particular, made this abundantly clear. One single day would challenge my ethical viewpoint, and without a doubt instill that no profession is worth my soul and making the appropriate ethical decision can be a traumatic experience. It all started when I arrived to work on that summer

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  • My Decision Of Undergoing A Career

    moments of witnessing medical triumphs and from the battles that seem lost made way towards solidifying my reason to study medicine. This is not a decision that roots from an epiphany, but rather it is through experiences and a true immersion in the field that has led to my decision of undergoing a career in medicine. Through witnessing my own grandmother 's struggle with pancreatic cancer and my experiences, I began to find a joy in what I was doing, even when the outcome is unpredictable and not

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  • Personal Statement : My Career Path

    I have areas of strength that will allow me to excel in my chosen career path, I also have areas in my life that need improvement before I join the workforce. The first area of my life that needs development is my communication skills. Recently, I have found that I have trouble communicating to others my thoughts on various topics. During conversations with others, I have noticed that I become flustered and frustrated when I cannot relay my thoughts to the person I am having a discussion with. An

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  • My Career As A Registered Nurse

    I plan to have my nursing degree in the near future and begin my career as a registered nurse. Registered nurses are also known as charge nurses or directors of nursing (DON). Nurses assist physicians by assessing the patients’ health problems, making accurate and detailed medical reports, and administering care, if needed, among many other tasks. Registered nurses are a vital part of the health care field and are always in high demand. They play an important role in the patient’s experience

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  • My Career Essay

    Page Number Answer 3 Appendix 6 Refences 7 Career theory has begun since the early 20th century. As the changing nature of world, career theory experiences major transition from time to time to achieve an applicable theory. This essay will discuss and analyse the literature about career theory in the early 21st Century. Sonnenfeld (1982) has described career theory as theory which attempts to explain occupational variables such as type of job and

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  • My Career As A Career Choice

    One of my greatest passions is working with children. At first I was unsure if I wanted this passion of mine to be a career choice. Soon after I took just one course in Early Childhood Education I knew this was the right path. However, I soon decided I desired something more than having a job at a childcare center for myself, I had aspiration to go on to receive a bachelor degree, although I wasn’t certain which type of degree was the right path. That is until I had my recent job opportunities.

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  • My Experience With My Career

    start. The last three weeks have already exceeded my expectations of graduate school. From what I’ve seen of both HGSE and CCSC, I know that the next year will allow me to graduate feeling prepared and motivated to embark on this new path of that I have chosen for myself. As you know, I spent the last three years in southern Japan teaching English. I generally view this as a positive experience, but I must admit that I’ve developed insecurities about my competencies as an educator; I can’t exchange

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  • My Career Experience At The Air Force

    I have given my career possibilities a lot of thought over these past couple of months. I went from having no clue to having somewhat more of a clear path of what I would like to be doing. The career I would like to be working in, in five years, is a pilot in the air force. I have thought really hard about this and I think that this career would best fit my personality type. It’s also something I would enjoy and I find very interesting. I’ve been thinking about this career choice for awhile now but

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  • My Personal Statement On My Career

    learning a lot about read or write. Her name is Beth Williams and she was the one who taught me a lot and made me improve my reading and writing skills. I love her as my favorite teacher in my school because Ms. Williams was always support me whatever I need help and make sure I stayed to focus on my academic to make it my goal to become successful in my future. Beth Williams was my middle/high school English teacher in St. Mary’s School for the Deaf school that one who taught me to read or write in

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  • My Career As An Agent Of Social Change

    My academic and professional journey began in August of 1997 while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. As an undergraduate, I held a dedicated focus aimed toward a terminal degree with an interdisciplinary focus and a career as an agent of social change. My academic success over the years paralleled a passion for working with underserved populations. Since completing a bachelor’s degree, I have earned a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution

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  • How Globalization Will Affect My Future Career Essay

    Issue Analyses How Globalization Will Affect My Future Career Problem/Issue Definition With Globalization along with outsourcing, my career in life is going to change big time. More and more jobs are being outsourced to other countries every day. Right now America is a mountain compared to other countries meaning that we are more advanced industrially. As more jobs are being outsourced the more the metaphorical mountain is shrinking in height and growing in width. We can slowly add to our

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  • Who Is The Best Career For My Future?

    abused and suffer in silence. My fondness and respect of all living creatures undoubtedly explain my revulsion and enmity toward animal cruelty, whether it be a deliberate act or negligence. As humans, we have the opportunity to share our lives and even work alongside with them as pet groomers, wildlife rehabilitators, marine biologists or veterinarians. The latter is in fact my ultimate dream job. I strongly believe that I have chosen the best career for my future, because I despise the fact that

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  • The Career Path Of My Choice

    The career path of my choice is accounting, more specifically Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA). CPAs are professionals who conduct analysis, practice good judgment, and communicate effectively. This ties into the general definition of accounting, which is to classify, communication, and interpreting information. CPAs are Canada’s trusted business leaders. They are recognized for their strategic thinking, management skills, and leadership. In Canada, they play a key role within various sections

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  • My Career As A Registered Nurse

    My Career as a Registered Nurse When you were little, did you ever dream about what you wanted to be when you grew up? I don’t know about you, but I did. My dream has always been to be a registered nurse. I started to live out that dream in my early teens but I never finished it. Twenty years later, I am finishing that dream as a registered nurse. Being a nurse is not only my dream, but the financial aspect is greater when it is compared to the salary of a high school graduate. I will be explaining

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  • My Goal For The Future

    My goal for the future is to obtain financial stability. The thought of being able to purchase what I want or need without having to check my bank account is reassuring. It would also bring me a lot of joy to help my family financially. I would help pay off their debt and buy them what they deserve, which is one of the main reasons I want financial security. Additionally, at some point in my life, with financial planning I would not have to work as hard and worry about my future. I equate this goal

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  • My Career As A Medical Assistant

    the health care field since I was a little girl. Originally I wanted to become a Pediatrician, but I changed my career path as I learned about all of the different opportunities available in the health care field. I 've worked as a medical assistant for the past five years and I am certain that I made the right choice by choosing a career in this field. I would like to advance in my career and continue to make a difference in the lives of the patient 's that I interact with. Although I enjoy working

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  • My Career Path For Higher Education

    As I am continually in my career path for higher education, I have come to the realization that higher learning is the key to better tomorrow. It is a constant learning process of discovering new strategies, new ideas, learning from the social group, the community, and especially from my fellow students. By taking this course, it has increased my knowledge, capabilities, and advancement in my profession of nursing. I noticed that when proper teaching and training is adequately addressed an individual

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  • My Career Path For My Life

    life decisions. Having a career will determine what you will want to do in life and make money out off. Buying a car will enable you to have all the transportation you will need to get to places. Buying a house will let you live in the conditions that you have always wanted to live in. These are all very hard decisions that you have to make and at times it can be very stressful thinking about them. At some point in your life you will have to start thinking about what career path you will major in

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  • My Life And Future Path

    I was only 14 years old, a freshman in high school when everything changed. I lost to very close and influential people in my life that I always looked up as they helped guide me in my life and future path. Getting the news that my Grandma had passed away from old age and my Aunt dying from a heart attack is just the worse thing anybody can ever hear, especially if they were your role models and heroes. They were the ones who influenced me to become an accountant and become a CPA, they guided me

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  • My Career Involving Videogame Design

    In order to embark in a career involving videogame design, specifically the programming aspect, I would need to eventually build a physics engine, which requires a deep understanding of calculus. For example, physics engines require a knowledge of vectors so objects can accurately move, which Calculus III teaches. No one wants to play a game where you throw a ball forwards and the ball goes backwards. Calculus can also determine the growth rate of interest or population growth, the volume of any

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  • My Career As A College Education

    focused or motivated, and was heading down an unproductive life path. I became a mother soon after, and my life changed forever. Something inside of me lit up, a drive and desire to give my son a better life, one that I myself never had. I knew that in order to accomplish this, I needed to obtain a college education to ensure our future. There were two things that I discovered as I embarked on my educational journey that were unexpected. I realized about myself that I am an academic within, and school

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  • My Career Choice: Accounting Essay

    From an early age, I have always had a keen interest in the world of accounting. From studying Accounting at A-level, I have gained further knowledge into this particular subject of my choice. I am currently studying A-levels in Accounting, Chemistry and ICT. I also done Biology but chose not continue the subject into second year. Each of these subjects has given me many different options to apply for at university. The subject I am most interested in studying at university is financial accounting

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  • What Are My Career Plans?

    “What are my career plans?” “To graduate from college with a degree in what I love, get my dream job, and start earning money for my family of course.” “Why am I applying for this award?” “College is expensive, duh, and I don’t have much put away for it and don’t want thousands of dollars in loans when I’m older so I need scholarships like this to help me pay for college.” “Why should you choose me?” “I have lots of extracurriculars, an internship, and some work experience along with community

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  • My Career Choices : Career Choice

    My Career Choices Career choice is an important factor that an individual should decide wisely to avoid future dissatisfactions. A career is the ultimate life choice that a person would be based in his profession. In choosing a right career, it is advisable to select wide range of crease in different fields based on the level of knowhow, skills and interest. An individual has to be passionate about his or her career choices based on the personal strengths and weaknesses. In addition, a person should

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  • Nursing : Is It My Future?

    Telenursing: Is It in My Future Sukhpreet Kaur Chamberlain College of Nursing NR-361: Information Systems in Healthcare November 2015 Telenursing: Is It in My Future How about telenursing? Could a position as a telenurse be the career change I have been seeking? These questions have been playing over and over in my head from the moment Tomika suggested that I should apply for the position; it seems to offer many benefits. She says that I would be able to monitor my patients, assess and interact

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  • My Purpose For A Career

    act and achieving a goal in the long run. For example, if I run two miles today then my purpose is to live a healthier life for the on coming days. My purpose in school is to obtain a degree that makes me happy and also helps me live a happy and prosperous life. My purpose for a career is to find a job that pays well and makes me feel respected. My overall purpose is to be successful in life. I want to give my kids a happy life so they do not have to worry about having to cut back or provide for

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  • My Personal Note On My Career

    had over 30% of my portfolio allocated into call option contracts that were going to expire in two weeks. Fast forwarding to the event, just in case I am already confusing you, two minutes past 9:30 a.m. I lost $800, or 13.5% of my portfolio. This was the first significant drawdown I experienced since trading over the past year. Reflecting back on my novice self, I was in the most unstable, irrational state ever since I had been investing. There was plenty of signs to get out of my long position and

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  • My Pursuit Of A Career

    My pursuit of a career in medicine is rooted in my upbringing. At a very early age, I was encouraged to excel in academics and explore broadly my own interests. During high school, I became enthralled by genetics and human physiology. I still recall reading about the gene therapy for Severe combined Immunodeficiency syndrome (SCID) by viral vector. The science behind this therapy was captivating, and the feat achieved by scientists and physicians to make these discoveries amazed me. My mother encouraged

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  • Time Management, Critical Thinking, And Our Future Careers

    Time Management, Critical Thinking, and Our Future Careers. In this essay I will be talking about how critical thinking and the systemization of time do, in fact, benefit my current and future career. So how is critical thinking, “the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it” (Elder and Paul, 2010), crucial to my university studies and future career? What about time management, the organizing of time in regards to activities and work? In school and in the workforce,

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  • My Goal For A Career Path

    Life Goals Paper People use to tell me all the time that it was not ever too late to start on a career path, be all that I can be, or be successful; but honestly, I did not have any goals or dreams, and what I wanted out of life did not have anything to do with having a career or being successful, but little did I know, all that was about to change. In November of 2011, my mom passed away and was laid to rest that December. On that day, I promised her that I would not let all her hard work die in

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  • My Career As A Police Officer

    It was October 8, 2015, I walked into the police station not knowing what to expect. When I walked to the desk they asked me for my name, and Patrol Officer Jonathan Bransfield greeted me. I was brought behind the desk into the dispatch center where I filled out the paperwork to go on the ride along. After signing the paperwork Officer Bransfield showed me around the station where I was greeted by everyone. Officer Bransfield showed me the temporary holding cells, the booking room, the chief’s office

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  • My Experience Of My Career As A Teacher

    felt like home if my family was there. I know in my career as a teacher, I will come across many students like me. I will meet students who have moved as much as I have and who don’t feel a sense of belonging in any place. If there family is like mine, I can encourage them to make their family their homes. Even if they don’t have that close of a family though, I can still encourage them to make people what is important rather than any place. My family members are definitely my best friends, and

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  • My Future Career Plan For Enter The Graduate Labour Market

    It is important to reflect on how you have prepared to enter the graduate labour market in terms of the steps taken so far to facilitate future goals. These steps will consist of previous work experience gained, previous qualifications gained, previous skills gained, previous extra curricular activity undertaken and previous hobbies. By analysing these past preparations, we can consider the appropriate actions to undertake, this would enable an individual to maximise their potential not only throughout

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