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My Grandma Essay

  • Personal Statement : My Life

    My full name is Brandon Daniel Arioso. I was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March Fifth, 1997 making me seven-teen years old. I was raised in Cheyenne by my mom, Linda and my dad, Benjamin. Currently I am still living in Cheyenne but I am longing to explore the states, specifically Alaska or Northern Colorado. Even though I am a local to Cheyenne I still do not have a vast pool of people I would even call my acquaintances. However, my best friend is, Chris Smith. Chris and I talk on Skype occasionally

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  • My Dad - Original Writing

    was not ready to lose him for there was so much more to learn about him. This was not something easy to accept or deal with for me, or for my family. We may have watched my grandpa quickly disappear from our lives, but he will never disappear from our hearts. My mom constantly had the family over for dinner during the summertime. My grandparent 's along with my uncle frequently came over. Like normal we were having a decent time laughing, adults drinking and everyone waiting for dinner to be ready

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  • My Mother 's Side Of The Family

    My mother’s side of the family is the family I am the closest too. My mothers family is united we usually spend every Sunday together, whether it be at my uncles house or at my grandmas house, since they have the biggest houses. My uncles have always been very active in sports and that it why I enjoy playing sports. Throughout my childhood I have played either soccer or basketball. As far as my relationships with my mother’s side of the family, I can honestly say that we all have strong relationships

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  • My Grandmother, My Guardian Angel Essay

    the kitty-cat table mats are an obvious giveaway. Though my grandmother birthed eight children and held many crying babies, her cats are the children that have taken the place of my mother and her siblings. I jump down from my seat to grab a hanging piece of tattered shoestring and run off with the playful animal for an entertaining way to spend my time. Grandma and Mom have gossiping to do anyways- I won't understand until I'm older. My grandmother's inspirational story has illustrated to me the

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  • Analysis Of The Book ' Grandma '

    go to visit their grandma every summer. Their grandma lived in a tiny town near St. Louis, a town that is very different than their own. Joey and Mary Alice’s grandma was a very bold woman. She was tricky and always new what she wanted. During their first few visits to their grandmother they was young and didn’t understand the significant. However, as Joey and Mary Alice grew they slowly began to love traveling to the tiny town to have one of a kind adventure with their grandma. One their first

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  • Family Composition : My Family

    Composition: My family is composed of five people. In my family the only one who works and provides for us is my mother because my father got injured. After his injury he wasn’t able to work anymore. My mother’s name is Irma, my father’s name is Sergio and they are both in their 50’s. My sister’s name is Gaby and she is 23, my brother’s name is Junior and he is 11. Both my sister and I are in college and my brother is still in elementary. In conclusion, we are a small family. On the other hand, my mother’s

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  • My Grandmother And The Great Depression

    My grandmother, Joan Favors, was born Joan Frietas, in Oakland, California on August 16, 1929. Her father worked in the lumber industry, and her mother stayed at home and took care of the family. My great-grandmother was Italian, and her father had come on a ship from Italy to avoid being put into the army. She married my great-grandpa who’s father came to American on a whaling ship from the Portuguese islands, the Azores. My great-grandmother decided that she liked my great-grandfather because he

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  • My Life Of The Nursing Home

    My choice is where my grandmother is; she is 88 and has been in the nursing home for 3 years now. The nursing home is about 2 miles out of town, which is easy to get to, it’s on a main highway they keep fairly clean. My mother talked to her siblings when the decision to put grandma in the nursing home. My mother was in her life that she couldn’t and wouldn’t get up and around. So the decision to put her in a nursing home was a decision that wasn’t made easy. None of the siblings wanted to deal

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  • My Grandpa, Onas L

    My grandpa, Onas L. Mays, was born Jan 23rd, 1919, at 3:30 in the morning. Instead of being delivered in a hospital, Onas was born inside his log home in Howe, Idaho. He was welcomed to his family by loving parents, James and Anna Mays, along with his older siblings, Wilma, Emlen, and Carl. He was raised on a sheep and cattle ranch. This influenced him to grow up as a farmer later in his life. Onas learned to work hard at a young age. He didn’t grow up with tractors to help him with his chores on

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  • My Amazing Grandmother Is Perfect

    My Amazing Grandma Most people could say that the perfect grandmother does not exist. I actually disagree. What I know for a fact is that my grandmother is perfect. My grandmother is perfect in every way; the way she dresses, the way she moves, the way she behaves, the way she speaks, etcetera. Sometimes, I just think that it could be great, if I could be a little bit of what she is. Her great personality is full of other amazing qualities. I’m going to start by describing the way my grandma looks

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  • I Am My Great Grandma Leonarda

    I interviewed my great grandma Leonarda, she was born in Mexico, 1918. When she was a little girl she didn’t play much, at that time kids had to work in the corn fields in order to provide money for food and shealter. But when she was able to have some free time, she loved to play hide and go seek and run to one to another to see who could run the fastest with her siblings near the fields. My Nana (as I like to call her) didn’t have enough money to buy brand new toys, but her mother was an amazing

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  • My First Best Friend, My Mother And My Grandmother

    Two of the wisest women I know, my mother and my grandmother. Both have imparted much wisdom in me. My mother has shown me the best life to have, is a life filled with humility. My grandma, my first best friend, has shown me what it means to love others without judgment. Throughout my interview with my mom, she kept justifying that she uses her cellphone for communication. After every sentence, it was…but I use it to communicate with friends and family. I think she made a very good point here, Generation

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  • Grandma 's Worst Episode Summary

    safe even more so than the immensely powerful vibrations echoing from the door.“ I won’t let you in, Grandma. I’m sorry. You need to calm down. “, I say as I walk across the room and stand inches away from the trembling door. “ It’s me, Grandma, Brittany. I wouldn’t lie to you” “Let me in so I can see you! How do I know you’re not lying?” I sigh and look towards the opposite side of the room where my sister, Brook, is sitting in her chair. We both know what to do in this situation, and it involves

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  • The Greatest Moments Of My Life

    In 1997, I was born in a hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. My dad was in the military, so we moved around a lot when I was young. Eventually, my dad got a job in Rapid City, and we settled down here for now 14 years. One of the greatest moments in my life was when I graduated from high school, it was really exciting for me to know I could start a whole new life and leave the other one behind me. I currently live with my parents with my seven other brothers and sisters (Theresa, Jonathan, Dominic

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  • My Grandma The Poisoner By John Reed

    In My Grandma the Poisoner, the author John Reed gives a hook to the reader right away. The beginning scene and title is an image of the Reed as a child watching his grandmother weeping in her bedroom. The scene is set up to show the reader what is going through Reed 's eyes and then moves to another scene. It starts with the house and how Reed spent most of his childhood there, the diction he uses sets the tone of a reflective acrimony, describing it as “disgusting” and shows the reader in detail

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  • My Happy Place

    sit here, on the hood of my car looking out into the vast field I think to myself, why this place? Out of all the places that mean so much to me, why does this place stand out the most? Everyone has that one spot that is special to him or her for various reasons whether it be a memory, experience, how it makes them feel, etc. For me, my favorite place encompasses all my senses bringing them to an all time high filling me with an overwhelming indescribable feeling. It’s my sanctuary, a safe place,

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  • Adventure At Grandma 's House

    Adventure at Grandma’s House I had never been so mad at my favorite grandmother in my life! It was after midnight on a clear starry night in 2005. Sitting in the dimmed light of my grandma’s living room on an oversized dark blue couch with an understated 90s geometric pattern constructed in pale blue lines I hatched a plan. I was just eight years old but I knew when I had been cheated! I had spent a lot of time with my grandma growing up. We always took her sight seeing, on vacation, and camping

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  • My Life Of My Dad

    in 1977. My mom was nine teen when I was born. My mom and dad broke up before I was born. I mainly stayed with my mom, two aunts, or with my maternal grandmother. My dad would pick me for a couple of days a week until I was two. When I was two my mom started seeing my soon to be stepdad. After they got married my dad stopped coming around. I have not seen my bio dad since I was two. I grow up in yours, mine, and our family. I was my mom’s, my step sister was my step dad’s and my brother was

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  • My Family : My Dad 's Parents

    Jana Gamage. My family has experienced a major shift in the past three generations, the shift was from a farming family to a suburban family. My great grand parents on both sides were farmers and expected their kids to be farmers because that 's all they really knew back then. When my dad’s parents were young, they took over the family farm. My dad’s parents, however, tried to push their children away from the farming lifestyle that they knew so well, to a suburban lifestyle. My dad’s side of the

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  • Writing, My Heart, Soul, And Tears

    poetry. I feel in love! My teacher’s assistant Ms. Staples really changed my outlook on writing and made an impact on my life. She started off by showing me her personal work. The one I won’t forget was titled “My heart, soul, and tears.” Being the age that I was, I didn’t understand it that well, I just remembered it being about a few hard times in her life, like the time she was shot. Ms. Staples really inspired me to start writing; I ended up writing a ton of small poems in my diary. To this day I

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  • My Family - Original Writing

    late of May, I’ve suffered a huge lost in my family. I lost 2 generations all in the same week. What are the odds of that happen? I lost my grandpa, and my great grandpa in that order. The way I received the news was pretty hard on me because the night my grandpa passed away I was out with my friends the whole night. When I walked through the front door I immediately heard my dad crying in his room since his room was to the left as soon as you walk in. In my head I thought he needeed his personal time

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  • The Death Of My Great Grandmother

    death of my great grandmother. She was so awesome and a very sweet lady. She also was a great role model to me. Over the years it has gotten easier to talk about her death. It all started on a Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for school. My grandma came in to my room and told us “go say bye to your Nana because she isn’t going to make it past today.” All I could think of at that moment was how I was no longer going to see her and have her for the good and the bad moments in my life. I can

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  • My Life After My Senior Year At Central High School

    jump up and hope for a safe landing. Imagine having to eat food that was flavorless slop, usually raw, and not fit to feed the pigs. Just imagine. That was my life a few months ago. Let me tell you how I got there and why I’m never going back. During my senior year at Central High School, I met a kid that always lingered around me and my group of friends. He invited himself into our conversations and even walked behind us in the hallways. We never paid too much attention to him, and most of

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  • My Interview With My Grandmother

    2016, I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Koehler, via phone to learn more about her life as she grew up as well as how she feels today about growing older, what she wishes she had done when she was younger and what she will do in the future. I choose my grandmother due to the fact that there is a lot of information that I did not know about her life; I felt that it would be a fascinating experience to learn more about my grandmother as well as being able to answer inquiries that my children may have

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  • My Memories That Changed My Childhood

    Throughout my childhood, there were many different people and places that helped make my youth years memorable. Above all others, my twin sister, Mackenzie was responsible for being a huge part in most of the memories that defined my childhood. From my small victories to my big mistakes, Mackenzie was constantly right by my side, always supporting and standing up for me, as I would do the same for her. From birth to this day, Mackenzie has been my right hand, my go to, and my partner in crime.

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  • An Analysis of Oranges by Gary Soto and The Night Grandma Died by Elizabeth Brewster

    displayed as they walked down the street “cold and weighted down with two oranges in my jacket” depicts how the boy was nervous. As being nervous would get you to notice every little thing that happens around you and notice even the slightest things. As a typical twelve years old lad, he did not know what to expect on his first date with his girl. The oranges are his burning love, desire, hence the “fire in my hands” or “the porch…yellow”. The orange in his jacket symbolized the loving and glowing

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  • My Life - Original Writing

    When I was born my mother was living in Calumet, so that’s where I was. My birth put a delay on things. She was 18 by one day and still finishing high school. That is where we lived for the first two years of my life. I don’t recall anything from that time but I’ve frequently gone back to the house, until recently. The house itself is not within the city limits of Calumet; it is alongside Lake Superior. The road going to it passes by the soccer fields and slopes down the longest hill i 've

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  • My Goal For The Future

    My goal for the future is to obtain financial stability. The thought of being able to purchase what I want or need without having to check my bank account is reassuring. It would also bring me a lot of joy to help my family financially. I would help pay off their debt and buy them what they deserve, which is one of the main reasons I want financial security. Additionally, at some point in my life, with financial planning I would not have to work as hard and worry about my future. I equate this goal

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  • A Good Man Is Hard And Find By Flannery O ' Connor The Grandma

    In the short story “ A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor the grandma isn’t just a regular sweet old lady. Through out the story she proves herself to be a lousy and conniving mother and grandmother. Not only does she deceive her family, but also herself. A close look at her words and actions show the grandmother to be manipulative, over critical, and over compensating in her own judgments of herself. The very first characteristic of the grandmother shown is how manipulative she is

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  • My Birthday Breakfast - Original Writing

    whenever my birthday came around My grandma always made sure she cooked me a big birthday breakfast. Whenever I went to her stayed with her she always cooked breakfast, it was just something different about this birthday breakfast she prepared for me. Every year she woke me up at 7 o’clock saying, “Breakfast is ready come and eat.” Whenever I got out of the bed and went into the kitchen I always had a stomach ache. I would lay over the chair as she rubbed me on the back trying to help soothe my pain

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  • My Life Of My Dad

    Myself I grew up with a loving father who created a beautiful world for me. For my dad, I was everything he made me feel special, secure, and most of all loved. I had a brother who even though was younger than me was thought to protect me, respect me, and loved me unconditionally. However, things have changed my father passed away and my brother and I had to live with our grandparents because mom had to work to support us. There I was no longer the special, girl, but the only female out four males

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  • My Life And Future Path

    I was only 14 years old, a freshman in high school when everything changed. I lost to very close and influential people in my life that I always looked up as they helped guide me in my life and future path. Getting the news that my Grandma had passed away from old age and my Aunt dying from a heart attack is just the worse thing anybody can ever hear, especially if they were your role models and heroes. They were the ones who influenced me to become an accountant and become a CPA, they guided me

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  • My Grandmother - Original Writing

    When I was in the second grade of school, my grandmother made fried chicken. I got so sick that my stomach was in prodigious amounts of pain and I was vomiting. My grandmother called my mother to let her know I was being taken to the hospital and why. My mom and I informed her she was over reacting; also, the pain and vomiting was probably just the stomach flu or food poisoning. My grandmother, having lost a son four months before I was born, didn’t take risk when it came to health. She knew how

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  • My Grandmother From The Drive Of Great Grandma 's House

    my grandmother (far left) in the drive of great grandma’s house. Furthermore, my great grandfather worked at the Oil Well and he cut Christmas trees and painted houses. He never drove in his life; he would always walk to work. While, my great grandmother worked at the Oil City Hospital doing laundry for the nurses and she worked at a cigar shop called Bowers Store. She drove a Big Lincoln Town car and drove that car until she was 96, she then sold it to my uncle and he still has the car, which

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  • My Family : My Dad

    My life was close to perfect when I was 10 years old. I had both my mom and my dad in my life, as well as my little sister. My family on my mom 's side and my dad 's side have been pastors for generations. My dad following his dream became the associate pastor of a church under my grandpa, my mom 's dad. My mom was a 2nd grade teacher at a christian school in which I attended preschool through 3rd grade. It is safe to say we were financially blessed. my dad owned at the time a brand new Chevy truck

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  • My Grandmother Was Approaching Death

    school and what is for lunch that day. I was one of those children until my Grandma Janet Ralph, my mother 's mom, received the news that her cancer was spreading rapidly. She needed to go to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, three hours northeast from home. The three weeks Grandma Janet spent in the hospital before her death were a struggle my family faced. One particular day, August 10, 2005, the moment I realized my grandmother was approaching death, is a vivid in memory for me because I learned

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  • Relationship Between Emily And Her Grandma

    different from others. Another aspect of family interaction that I thought was interesting was the relationship between Emily and her grandma. Erin’s parents live right down the road from her and she thought it was going to be a great support system to have. At first Emily’s grandmother would watch her but as time went on and Emily’s behaviors got more intense, her grandma refused to watch her. This was another aspect that I thought differed from what our text said. “There is a high level of involvement

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  • My Day At My House

    I Found Myself My house is congested with my relatives and friends; my friends and family are here to wish me best of luck and safe journey. My heart is brimming with blended emotions. At one hand, I am frightened and somber; On the other hand, I am thrilled and glad simultaneously. It is my last day at my house and in my country. Tonight is my flight to America. I’m moving to America, to be with my husband and to start a new journey of my life. I remember every moment of my last day in Pakistan

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  • My Memories Of My Dad

    My little six grade body stood in shock, shaking from the words that just came out of my mother’s mouth, “Grandma is dead.” I was immersed in sadness, yet tears didn’t come at first. All my tears had been used from the news that my grandpa had died just two weeks ago. My mind was wrapped in confusion. What questions can you ask to your mother who just lost both of her parents. What questions can a girl who just lost two grandparents ask. I knew how they died. My grandpa died after his 3rd stroke

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  • My Observation Of My Grandson Kayden

    My observation of my grandson Kayden who is seven; he is a second grader at Lafayette Middle School in Hammond. Kayden is the youngest of four grandchildren and is at times demonstrates keen sense of being a responsible young man. Kayden is seven years old but often times displays the Stage 3-of Initiative vs Guilt (Miller, 2011) he also displays the appearance of exploration and trying to find his way because his brother is 14 and his sister is 17 and the age differences at times confuse Kayden

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  • My Childhood - Original Writing

    When I was young, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house. This was the place that my grandparents’ children and grandchildren gathered, because it felt like home to everyone. We did this to be together; having a strong sense of family was very important to us, at the time. When recalling the living room that we gathered in, the living room in which I spent most of my childhood, I feel strongly reminiscent. The living room was fairly large, the walls a pale beige, and floors a light oak.

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  • My Great Grandmother, My Grandmother And My Mother

    change over time. To prove this, I interviewed my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. I asked them what their opinions of single parent families and stepfamilies were; I was really surprised at the results that I received. My great grandmother is ninety-five and she has actually been married several times. Most of her remarriages stem from her husbands passing away. My grandmother, her daughter, has had several step dads. When I asked my great grandmother what her personal views on

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  • My Grandmother Was A Special Woman

    My grandmother was a special women. I did not know her much when I was a child, only she was strict and somewhat aloof. But as I grew older I learnt that she raised seven children and ran a factory after my grandfather died when she was only thirty five years old. She was born and raised in China in an affluent family, however that lifestyle was short lived. During the Sino war, Japanese invasion in 1947, she was forced to flee her home and walked across the country. I never knew until years later

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  • Graveyards with my Grandfather Essay

    help but remember my experiences as a child. My parents were divorced, my father was in the Navy and I rarely saw him. I lived with my mother and was the oldest of six kids. During the summer when school let out, my mother always sent me to my father’s family, my grandparents, for the summer. They lived about three hours away, but I did not know them very well, and although I never particularly wanted to go, my mother said it was best, so I could get to know my father’s family. My grandfather, whom

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  • Descriptive Essay : My Family

    it has an awesome light! ¨ my cousin Clara exclaimed from across the yard. ¨Woah! This one is cool too! ¨ my sister Lauren said, pointing at one only a few feet away from me. It was finally summer, and my Grandma was taking us out on our yearly walk to the graveyard. From our fingers came a colorful fiery glow that lit up the street and sidewalk surrounding us. The graveyard was only a couple blocks away from her house, so every summer here we were! Every year my family and I make the trip to

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  • My Thoughts On My Life

    Within a month of the pass of my father. My mother said I have to tell you guys something. After she said that my eyes filled with tears. I was filled with sadness and little bit of madness because I knew what she was going to say. Then she just said it we are moving I could not believe that she would decide that. It was like she did not care what I thought about it. There was no changing her mind it was already made up were moving and that is it. Over the next few month or so I tried to changes

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  • My Life - Original Writing

    It was just me and my mom enjoying life to the fullest. My mom was slender women with a smile that can out shine the sun. One day she introduced me to this man name Tyrone. Looking up at him from the ground was a little intimidating but when he spoke to me he was always gentle and polite. My fear towards him turned to love and shortly after my mom and him got married. Then all of a sudden my mom’s tummy started to grow. I remember looking at my mommy’s tummy and watching it move from left to right

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  • My Mother Is A Woman

    My mother is a strong phenomenal woman .As a single parent, my mother did not get far in school, she dropped out at her sophomore year in Dominican Republic because she was pregnant with my older sister. My mother always wanted the best for me, to be successful and not end up like her. In 1994, my grandfather sponsored for my mother to acquire permission to come to the United States. Unfortunately, she had to leave her two older daughters behind with their father because they didn 't believe she

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  • My Life Of My Family

    birth but for my mother there was no other choice. As I clawed my way out of the womb my father, the devil, only wanted me to return. But with some form of luck I made it out and was then given the name Diana Lizbeth Alvarez. Although I don’t remember much of my birth, I was told that I was a miracle to my parents. My mom and dad raised me in the San Fernando Valley in the city of Pacoima. I was raised as an only child up until I was the age of 12. Although I enjoyed being with my imaginary friends

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  • My Experience At The Movie Theater

    On a late Friday night while I was hanging out with my friends at the movies I got an unexpected call. When I answered the phone call I instantly dropped my phone and started to weep hysterically. I felt like an huge piece of my life was suddenly taken away from me. I remembered the last time I saw her I did not even say good bye. My mind set was so out of its original state, and I could not even think or function properly for the next several days. She was always getting me out of trouble and

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