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Substance Abuse Essay

  • Abuse vs Substance Essay

    Abuse vs. Substance Use Disorder Kristin Whitford Liberty University Relationship between abuse of substance and Substance Use Disorders The problem of drug use and alcohol has haunted us for a long time. We even see these issues arise in the Bible. There are a variety of reasons for substance use and abuse. According to Doweiko (2015) says that a person may use because of previously impulses, to cope with situations and pain, try new things, escape from social status, and use

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  • Pregnancy: the Effects of Alcohol and Substance Abuse on Fetal Development

    Effects of Alcohol and Substance Abuse on Fetal Development Natalie Fontanella Liberty University Online Abstract This paper examined the effects of alcohol and substance abuse on fetal development in expecting mothers. The critical periods of fetal development during pregnancy are reviewed and discussed in order to determine the effects alcohol and substance can cause during certain stages. In order to gain a more efficient understanding of the effects different substances can have on fetal development

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  • The Effects of Child Abuse Essay

    The effects of child abuse are multiple. The pain and trauma the abused child goes through is just a small part of how this cauldron of hidden depravity in our society affects all of us. Wrecked lives can be seen in persons of all ages and in all walks of life. Society as a whole is also effected by child abuse both in negative and positive ways. In this essay I will present some of the factor and results of this violent behavior on individuals as well as our culture. Early American culture did

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  • Essay on Substance Abuse Among Teenagers and Young Adults

    Substance abuse among teenagers and young adults continues to call for a national concern for a number of reasons, one of them being the impact of these illicit substances on their health immediately or in their later lives. This research will concentrate on the abuse of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Reports from various agencies frequently describe drug users as severely impaired health wise, recent research suggests that these outcomes are not extremely severe as people thought (Edwards, 2004)

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  • Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Essay

    Kaisha Killion Professor Salmond Developmental Psychology 27 Sept. 2013 Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Women are incredible creatures. Women have the incredible ability to aid in the development of a new life within a matter of months. Whether a pregnancy is wanted or unplanned the process of development for the young zygote nestled within the mother’s womb is still phenomenal. The developing bundles of cells are very vulnerable from the very start to the end of a pregnancy. The progress

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  • College Students and Drug Abuse Essay

    College Students and Drug Abuse The irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol by college students has always been an issue for university campuses, but the problem has become more and more frequent and has grown in familiarity with every passing generation. In past years, the problem has not only multiplied in frequency, but has also grown in danger. Now students are abusing not only recreational drugs like Marijuana and Cocaine, but also prescription drugs like Ritalin and others like it such

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  • Essay on A Woman of Substance

    TANIA MAJOR: A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE QUESTION 1: How would you describe Tania Major in terms of locus of control? Why? Locus of control refers to the generalized belief about the amount of control people have over their own lives (McShane & VonGlinow, 2000, p.191). This concept was originally developed by Julian Rotters in 1954 and is known to be a psychological term. In simpler terms, locus of control refers to an individual's perception about the underlying main causes of events in his/her life

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  • Substance Abuse in America Essay

    rising substance abuse epidemic has brought about a renewed interested in determining the root cause of substance abuse, the effects of substance abuse on individuals and societies, and the substance abuse treatment modalities that achieve the best outcomes. In reviewing the current research on substance abuse there seems to be no one clear cause of substance abuse disorders, although there is strong evidence that a number of life circumstances may predispose an individual to a substance abuse disorder

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  • Components of Eating Substance Abuse Sexual and Personality Disorder

    Melissa Redmond April 2, 2012 Psy/410 Components Introduction Eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual, gender identity, and personality disorders lessen the ability for the human to function normal. Although their components have many varieties, being able to understand each of them allows for the reduction of classified awareness of these disorders and advertises a more realistic function of preventions and interventions to give support and become more normal. Eating Disorders

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  • Substance Related Disorders Essay

    people take substances? People abuse substances for many different reasons. Some people take substances because of peer pressure and think that they might be immune, others do it because they are stressed and need something to keep them away from their problems. Some people, specially teenagers take them just for a thrill or curiosity. The truth is, for whatever the reason people start taking substances, the outcome will be that the user will end up with a substance related disorder

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  • Addictions and Substance Misuse Essay

    This essay will focus on addictions and substance misuse specifically concentrating on anabolic steroids; it will demonstrate an understanding of the psychological implications of a common presenting difficulty in a counselling or helping role. The topic will be health related and social and factual information which is relevant to the subject will be addressed. Psychological issues, symptoms and how an individual may be impacted by the health issue will be discussed plus recognised ways of working

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  • Substance Abuse and the Elderly

    Substance Abuse and the Elderly Substance abuse in the elderly exists just as in any other population. Many seniors develop substance abuse problems due to circumstances or situations due to the aging process. A report by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that 17% of adults age 60 and older are affected by alcohol abuse and abuse of legal drugs. The report also states that a third of those seniors who abuse substances did

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  • Essay Substance Abused Disorder

    CHAPTER 4 Substance-Related Disorders ● BACKGROUND ASSESSMENT DATA The substance-related disorders are composed of two groups: the substance-use disorders (dependence and abuse) and the substanceinduced disorders (intoxication and withdrawal). Other substanceinduced disorders (delirium, dementia, amnesia, psychosis, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunction, and sleep disorders) are included in the chapters with which they share symptomatology (e.g., substance-induced mood disorders

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  • Substance Abuse: Compaing the Medical/Disease Model and the Social Model

    Many people dislike the term ‘addiction’ in relation to drugs or other substances, particularly as it infers that a person is powerless over their use of a particular drug or in some circumstances, a number of substances. Whilst others maintain it is this powerlessness that is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment – that treatment is not possible without recognition of addiction itself as the ‘problem’ being addressed. The professional and public perception of addiction is complicated. There

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  • Substance Abuse Essay

    Substance Abuse Prevention Programs: Operation, Funding, and Effectiveness. Candace Taylor Grand Canyon University Author Note All correspondence to this research should be forwarded to Candace Taylor. Substance abuse has become a serious issue in America. More and more of America’s youth are starting to use drugs than usual. To prevent this, there are many substance abuse prevention programs that are in place to try and prevent this before it even begins. Three programs were examined for

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  • Substance Abuse Among Nurses Essay

    her severely disabled mother. Jane said “I thought I could stop any time but I was wrong.” Substance abuse is a critical issue that has been visible within the nursing profession for more many years. According to Todd Monroe and Frances Pearson “[f]or more than a century, the US nursing profession has been aware of substance abuse problems among its practitioners and student nurses.” Among nurses, substance dependencies have been linked to a number of factors such as family history, stress at work

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  • Gang Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

    pull a fast one to score(get the drug). These people are desperate and will do any thing to get their fix. They will rob and steal from a gang member. They know the consequence but they still keep on trying. Their mind is so clouded from all the drug abuse that they don't care whether they live or die trying to get the drug. Junkies are like pest to a gang member. They are always bothering them for a score. Gang member hate that and as a result they will knock them off (kill them). It draws to much attention

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  • Substance Abuse Increasing in Inner-City Minorities Essay

    Substance Abuse Increasing in Inner-City Minorities Substance abuse is an ever increasing epidemic facing America's inner- city minorities. There are several different drugs that are gaining popularity amongst inner-city youths 1. Juice, that is marijuana soaked in embalming fluid is starting to show up in more and more inner east coast cities 2. Crack or rock cocaine is by far one of the most addicting drugs out there, it's been engulfing America's inner-cities since the early 80's 3. Heroin

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  • Individuals Suffering from Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

    Individuals Suffering from Alcohol/Substance Abuse and Mental Illness In this day in age, there are many diseases that one can contract. Sometimes a person contracts a disease because it was contagious, and others because they are genetically prone to it. Still others contract diseases and disorders in ways that are not clear to doctors and medical researchers. In recent years, alcoholism and substance abuse have been labeled as diseases because of new research findings that doctors

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  • Alcohol Abuse Essay 17

    Alcohol Abuse Drinking alcohol is woven into the social fabric of our culture, and indeed many people enjoy the social and cultural connection of sharing a drink together. However, because drinking is so common in our society, realizing you or a loved one has a drinking problem can be a challenge.  The consequences of alcohol abuse are serious. Alcohol abuse causes extensive damage to your health, your loved ones, and society. It results in thousands of innocent deaths each year, and exacerbates

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  • Barriers to Screening Pregnant Women for Substance Abuse Essay

    Title: Barriers to screening pregnant women for substance abuse Introduction: Drug and alcohol use in pregnancy poses a threat to the neonate’s development and the obstetric provider has an obligation to screen for substance use. Substance use in pregnancy can place the developing fetus at risk for in-utero opioid dependence, fetal-alcohol syndrome, preterm labor, and other consequences of maternal alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use.(6) Within the past three years La Crosse County has seen

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  • Essay about The Overcrowding, Gangs and Substance Abuse in Prisons

    The overcrowding issues in prisons, the gangs in prisons and the illegal drugs and substances. In this assignment, I will be discussing respectively in order on these three issues and what can be done to correct it. In additions, I will be discussing about what I would do to rectify these issues if I were in charge, I will be using my own ideas along with the researches from credible sources to support my ideas. First, I would like to discuss about the overcrowding issues in prisons. Prison is

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  • Substance Prevention Programs Essay

    PCN-501: Introduction to Addictions and Substance Use Disorders Grand Canyon University Even the most severely addicted individuals can participate in treatment; in the hopes of reducing their drug and alcohol use. Treatment programs with the higher success rates offer a combination of treatments. I will explore substance abuse prevention programs in this paper. I will summarize their goals, funding, and effectiveness. In the state of Arizona, the Division

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  • Cocaine Abuse Essay

    Cocaine Abuse Carla Baker COM/156 August 18, 2013 Stanley Weiss Cocaine Abuse According to a national survey performed in 2011 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 35.9 million Americans aged 12 and older have tried cocaine at least once in their lifetime and approximately 2.1 million Americans are regular users (Substance Abuse & Mental Health, 2012). Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that has gratifying yet dangerous short term physical effects

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  • A Qualitative Study of the Oglala Lakota Sioux: the Devastating Implication of Substance Abuse

    Unit 5 A Qualitative Study of the Oglala Lakota Sioux: The Devastating Implication of Substance Abuse Submitted by Michael L. Albiston “I certify that I have read A Student's Guide to Academic Integrity at the University of Oklahoma, and this paper is an original paper composed by me for this course. Except where properly cited and attributed, it has not been copied or closely reworded from any other source and has not been submitted as a whole, or in part, for credit in any other course

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  • Essay on Drug Abuse and Trafficking

    Professor: Name: Title: Date Due: Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking is the selling of illegal drugs and drug abuse is the consumption of the illegal drugs as well as other drugs. Drug abuse and trafficking has been on increase in the recent past due to increased availability of drugs to the youths. College scholars as well as the high school kids have been consuming drugs recklessly without taking consideration at the side effects together with the consequences

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  • Family and Substance Abuse Paper

    Running head: FAMILY AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE PAPER Family and Substance Abuse Paper Launita J. Grand Canyon University March 11, 2013 Family and Substance Abuse Paper When an individual has a disorder with substance abuse and how family is involved, it can be a very uncomfortable situation for both the abuser and family members. When the abuser is an adolescent, the program may need consent from the adolescent before communicating with the parent, whether the communication is over the course

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  • Essay on Prescription Drug Abuse

    Drug and alcohol abuse is a problem no matter who you are, where you are, your age. When you think of drug abuse most people think of illegal or street drugs. But in a growing society where it seems doctors are competing for ones business prescription drugs have also become a growing concern. In 2000 statistics show that 14 million Americans were currently using illicit drugs. (Adolescent substance abuse knowledge base, 2007) The study also showed of the 14 million users 6.3% were 12 years

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  • Drug Abuse and Addiction Essay example

    Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey Drug Abuse and Addiction, Problems & Solutions in Turkey Abdullah Furkan Kaya İstanbul Şehir University 30.4.2012 Drug abuse is an addiction, which has different substance types and can ruin people’s life or even cause death. People use it for variety of reasons such as getting away from their bothers or getting high. Approximately 200 million people abusing drugs, most of them are addicted in the world. This number is

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  • Essay on Substance Abuse

    Introduction Substance abuse is all too common within most populations, especially in a lower economic class. In fact, drugs are the new fashion craze. Designer drugs are now grabbing young adult’s attention and more attention in the older adult population as well. Some of the people that you may see on the streets would probably be your typical user, but there are some drugs that are being used by your everyday “girl or boy next door” types. When it comes to helping

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  • The Abuse of Prescription Drugs Essay

    One of the fastest growing problems in America today is the abuse of prescription drugs. In the past 10 years, the misuse of prescribed medications has skyrocketed, making it a National issue that many people are attempting to attack. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: opiates, depressants, and stimulants are the three drug classifications most commonly abused by Americans (Kendall 175). The abuse of opioids will be the main focus of this paper, however depressants and

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  • Essay on Psychoactive Substances

    1960’s and early 1970’s. Although abuse and the misuse of the drug were recognized earlier, because of the low rate of prescription the problem was not considered of high importance (Wick, 2013). Benzodiazepine-type drugs (benzodiazepines and the newer non-benzodiazepines) are similar to older sedative/hypnotic drugs, such as the barbiturates, in that they act at the GABAA receptors. Unfortunately, benzodiazepine-type drugs also retain the liability for abuse and dependence associated with the

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  • Drug Abuse in Nigeria Essay

    Drug Abuse in Nigeria Today, you only have to switch on your television, radio or open a newspaper or magazine to be aware that the structure of our society is being contaminated by the growing evil plague of drug abuse. Drug abuse, is one of the major problems in the Nigerian society. Actually, almost every country faces such problem today. A lot of measures are taken to struggle against drug abuse, and, definitely, some changes for the better are evident. However, this problem

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  • The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Young Adults Substance Abuse: a Reaction

    Christine Wilson Psy1462 March 21, 2014 The Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Young Adults’ Substance Abuse: A Reaction. This article contains information regarding a study carried out between 1976 and 1987 about individuals who were subject to different types of abuse between the ages of 10 and 17. The research seemed eager to show what the correlation was between type of abuse the child suffered through and what type of addiction, if any, that the victims acquired over the years.

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  • Abuse of Narcotic Painkillers Essay

    irony in this is that the same industry that makes its millions healing you is making millions killing you. Oxycotin, Lortab, Fentanyl, the name changes but the effects remain the same. Doctors who are fully aware of the addictive qualities of these substances over prescribe a drug that is mass produced by a single company, Perdue Pharma. From young aspiring athletes whose fate met a horrible injury to an average American recovering from a work site accident, Perdue Pharma has their hand in your recovery

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  • Essay on Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse Substance Abuse is a problem for social workers around the country no matter where you go. There are a number of different social problems, and social systems that a social worker will have to deal with when working in this field. I will hope to address the problem of substance abuse, and the different techniques used in order to cure a client suffering from substance abuse. Substance abuse social workers assess and treat individuals with substance abuse problems, which include

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  • Essay on Prescription Drug Abuse

    influence to talk to our teens and young adults? In my essay I will explain why it’s so important that schools and parents/caregivers need to both educate and talk to our young adults and teens. (205) Kara Gordon Prescription Drug Abuse among Teens and Young Adults Prescription drug misuse and overdose among teens and young adults is one of the fastest growing health epidemics in the United States. While there has been a marked decrease in the use of some illegal drugs like cocaine

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  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace Essay

    Substance Abuse in the Workplace Substance abuse in the workplace is one of the top concerns in the United States today. “Studies show that 73 percent of drug users are employed, costing American businesses billions of dollars annually in lost production and staffing costs (Walsh).” “Due to higher employment rates and rising substance abuse, the chances that your organization employs one of these 8.1 million workers is greater today than it has been in the past several years (Walsh)

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  • Substance Abuse Among Homeless Women: A Case Study Essay

    Substance abuse is a wide-reaching issue affecting millions of people worldwide. It is an issue particularly troublesome for members of an oppressed class, in this case homeless women, as examined by the authors (Wenzel et al, 2009) in the article. Nearly 50% of homeless women reported drug use, and 32% of them reported binge drinking in Los Angeles, compared to 16% and 17% for drug use and binge drinking among women occupying a low-income house (p. 16). When examining the nature of the substance

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  • Etiologies of Adhd and Substance Abuse Essay

    Etiologies of ADHD and Substance Use Disorders Etiologies of ADHD and Substance Use Disorders Approximately half of all individuals with mental disorders also have substance abuse issues (Dual Diagnosis, 2007). Likewise, it is estimated that up to 45% of adults with ADHD have a lifetime diagnosis of alcohol abuse or dependence (Wilens, 2006). Consequently, individuals with addictions who are also diagnosed with ADHD, characteristically have a extra severe course of addiction and greater

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  • Essay on Adhd and Substance Abuse

    ADHD and Substance Abuse                                                                                                The Evidence Of Substance Abuse With ADHD                          The purpose of this paper is to identify the link between ADHD and substance abuse. Substance abuse is a true threat to people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders. Among the questions of precursors to substance abuse, lies the hypothesis that individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

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  • Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency Essay

    Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency Substance abuse is the improper use of chemicals that can alter the way one’s mind and body functions (TCC). In most cases, these chemicals would be referred to as a drug. Substance abuse can and may lead to chemical dependency or addiction. Dependence is the development of tolerance to chemicals which leads to symptoms of withdrawal. Substance abuse is a process that reflects a complicated interaction between the individual, the abused substance, and

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  • Essay Drug Abuse

    Drug abuse dates as far back as the Biblical era, so it is not a new phenomenon. “The emotional and social damage and the devastation linked to drugs and their use is immeasurable.” The ripple of subversive and detrimental consequences from alcoholism, drug addictions, and addictive behavior is appalling. Among the long list of effects is lost productivity, anxiety, depression, increased crime rate, probable incarceration, frequent illness, and premature death. The limitless consequences include

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  • Essay on Abuse Versus Addiction

     Essay: Abuse vs. Addiction Terry V. Hites Liberty University Essay: Abuse vs. Addiction There is a war being wage here in America. No, it is not a civil war, nor is it the war on terrorism. This war is an effort to fight drug abuse and addiction; however, America is losing this battle. Doweiko (2012) reports that more than 15% of a state’s budget is used to fight and maintain this war (p. 2). Ruiz (2014) reports that the Ohio state Attorney General

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  • Essay Steroids Abuse in Baseball

    Steroid Abuse Hurts Baseball The abuse of steroids among players in Major League Baseball is corrupting the image of America's Pastime as well as endangering the health of those who use the illegal substances. The lack of testing and punishment for the use of illegal substances like steroids in the Major Leagues portrays a negative image to aspiring young athletes. They see their role models using steroids and becoming better athletes rather than seeing suspensions for the illegal behavior or

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  • Substance Use in Adolescents Essay

    experiences can come with steep consequences. Substance abuse and addiction dung the adolescent stage poses serious threats to healthy neurological development of the brain. With alarming percentages of adolescents in the United States admitting to substance use in recent years, multiple types of damage has been done to the still developing brains of this population, but active involvement in religion and spirituality is key to the prevention of substance use in this age range. Every day the United

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  • A Substance Abuse Free Workplace Essay

    A SUBSTANCE ABUSE FREE WORKPLACE 1. Describe the effect of illegal or prescription drug and alcohol use in the workplace. How does this affect productivity? Today in the United States, 73% of drug users are employed, costing American businesses billions of dollars annually in lost productivity and health care costs. Studies reveal that employees who abuse drugs have a tremendously harmful effect on the workplace—they are more likely to have extended absences from work, show up late

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  • Juveniles and Drug Abuse Essay

    Juveniles and Drug Abuse America Abstract A drug is a substance that modifies one or more of the body's functions when it is consumed. Therefore, many common foods qualify as drugs. According to this definition, some of our most cherished beverages such as tea, coffee, and cola are drugs. However this paper focuses on drugs that are abused by teenagers. Surveys show that cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and inhalants are the most commonly used drugs among teenagers age thirteen through eighteen

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  • Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Impulse-Control, and Personality Disorder

    Eating, Substance Abuse, Sex/Gender/Sexual, Impulse-Control, and Personality Disorder Normal behavior is accepted world-wide, but when people show abnormal behavior, it is accepted by the few that may understand why this is their behavior. Abnormal behavior that disrupts an individual’s life on a daily basis can be caused by several disorders. These disorders can very complex at times and some are more devastating to the mind and body than others. In this paper, the biological, emotional

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  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Barriers: Military Life vs. Civilian Life

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Barriers: Military Life vs. Civilian Life Marina Herrera Butte College Abstract This paper explores the interesting relationship between substance abuse and mental health problems among military and civilian life. As well as stigma barriers to treatment within a military vs. a civilian setting. The article “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment in the Military: Lessons Learned and a Way Forward” written by Katie Witkiewitz and Armando

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